There are portable wings

Portable router gives the cloud wings

The devices can play music and videos via the router and share an existing Internet connection. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable batteries, the DIR-506L works for up to four hours without any power source. It can be charged via its USB ports, but it can also provide up to four watts of power for other USB devices. This means that the device also functions as a mobile charging station for smartphones and tablets.

In business use, the DIR-506L cloud router is suitable for small mobile teams, for example on the way to or from a project. Instead of establishing ad hoc network connections among each other, the DIR-506L acts as a central point of contact and organizes communication via WLAN. Mass storage media can also be shared via the router's USB 2.0 ports - ideal for working on shared documents. If required, the device also streams audio and video files to the participants in the private cloud.

This is particularly easy with the apps for the D-Link Shareport technology. Regardless of whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Android device, the free app makes accessing and handling digital content within the Personal Cloud child's play. Users can easily stream media from end devices or mass storage devices to other PCs, tablets or smartphones and thus have unlimited access to music, photos, films, PowerPoint presentations, Excel lists or PDF files at any time. Of course, this also works in the other direction: important data is conveniently and quickly stored as a backup on the USB storage device connected to the router, even when on the move.

In addition to router operation, three other operating modes are possible: The Wi-Fi hotspot mode brings several users into the network via a public or private hotspot. The end devices communicate with the DIR-506L and are protected by its security functions. As a repeater, the device amplifies radio signals and extends the range of the WLAN. This means that larger areas, several rooms or an additional floor can benefit from a wireless network. As a pure access point, the DIR-506L is the point of contact for WLAN clients and connects them to a mass storage device on the USB port of the device. The DIR-506L already supports the current D-Link Quick Router Setup technology (QRS).