How fast can a Shetland sheepdog run


The Shetland Sheepdog's clever little head is extraordinarily beautifully shaped and gives the pedigree dog a noble expression. The thick long coat and the lush ruff reinforce the majestic impression. And his smooth and graceful movements as well as his fine, symmetrical outlines fit into this picture.

His spirited nature and his robust nature, which seem to contradict his elegant appearance, make the Sheltie a very special pedigree dog.

The top hair of the Sheltie is long, hard and straight and, with its dense, soft undercoat, offers reliable protection from wind and weather. Despite the long coat, its fine lines should remain recognizable. The fur of the Sheltie is multicolored and varied. The following colors are allowed according to the breed standard:

  • Sable (sable white with strong golden shading)
  • Sable colors / Darksable (sable white with dark, mahogany-colored shading)
  • Tricolor (three-colored black, white and brown)
  • Blue Merle (silver-gray with black speckles or marbling)
  • Black-and-white
  • Black and tan (now considered to be extinct)

White markings are desirable for all color variants (except for black / tan) and should be present as a blaze, on the ruff, on the chest, on the legs and at the tip of the tail.