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Sleeping aid: myHummy teddy bear with sleep sensor

Tips on how to help a baby (and therefore mom and dad too) sleep better are a dime a dozen. The problem: Babies are little individualists who don't give a damn which trick works for "most" children - they all go their own way and that makes it so hard to find the right one for your own crumb. Many parents are therefore on what seems to be an eternal search for the holy grail of peaceful infant sleep.

Now, of course, I would love to announce: I HAVE FOUND HIM THE ULTIMATE WAY TO LEAD A CHILD TO A RELAXING SLEEP! But of course I don't. What I have, however, is an idea. Not mine, but that of the myHummy inventor. Because they have developed a teddy bear or cuddly sleep companion (besides the bears there are also other magical cuddle friends) who not only have a heart for little bundles of joy, but also a belly with a built-in sound module. And THAT calms babies with "white noise"!
I already used white noise three years ago to placate the little madam when she was actually caught in a violent screaming attack. First I stood next to the hood for hours with the baby in the sling, then I discovered apps for myself that played soothing rain or wind noises for my child. That worked great for her! She stopped crying, listened and fell asleep over it. Still, I didn't think putting a cell phone next to her head at night was a useful idea, so the white noise only helped us during the day.

Fortunately, myHummy has been around since the beginning of 2016 - because a few days ago the white noise in the form of a sweet, cuddly baby friend moved into our bedroom and soothed the crumbs of sleep. If I'm honest, the new teddy bear not only calms the baby, but also the mouse mouse (apparently still works for 3-year-olds) and myself (apparently also works for 39-year-olds: D) - but I've always had a weakness for rain noise to fall asleep.
So when I go to bed I choose one of the 5 high tones, adjust the volume and place the bear next to my child. If the crumb is already asleep, I sometimes even use the teddy as a small storage aid and use it to support the back of my baby who sleeps on the side. I find it very practical! The highlight of the whole thing: The teddy feels via a sensor when the baby is restless at night and independently starts a new round (1 hour) of noise. This extends the crumb's sleep intervals without having to be really active.

Admittedly, the bear does not replace mom; but he shouldn't either. My baby still only sleeps with direct physical contact with me. But with the help of the soft background noise, which reminds the crumb of its 9 months in my stomach with the steady rushing of my blood in its ears, it sleeps more calmly. And that's something!

I cannot and will not promise anyone that a myHummy sleep companion will solve all nocturnal problems (children are just extremely different), but I can say: US white noise helps create more relaxed nights. And that's why I can recommend myHummy to every very tired mom with a clear conscience. Trying is better than studying, right ?! ;)

The myHummy mascots are available from a price of 39 euros - and the more expensive versions are also really worth the money. If only because they were created with so much attention to detail and even without sound they quickly become loyal friends of the little ones <3.