What was your most embarrassing interview

Reader Appeal: What was your most embarrassing job interview?


With all the tension and nervousness, a lot can go wrong during an interview. Do you know that? Tell!

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Mina (24) says: “I applied for a job at the federal government and knew from a friend that the boss was a cynical prankster. So I wanted to score with humor. When he asked me if I was familiar with the relevant legal situation, I said smugly: 'Well, it's not exactly the case that I lie on the sofa in the evenings and read law books, you hear, but yes, the legal situation interests me! ›Of course I didn't get the job.»

Business IT specialist Armin (27) remembers: «Shortly before the interview, a friend gave me the tip: 'You have to have an ace up your sleeve if the conversation goes in the wrong direction!' we wanted to say goodbye, panic seized me and I was feverishly looking for an ace. So I shouted: ‹Stop, I can still record how the synchronization between two devices works!› In a sketch that looked like from kindergarten, I quickly scribbled a cloud model on paper. Those present just looked at me, embarrassed. "

Have you put on an embarrassing show at the interview? Or did something funny or memorable happened to you? Tell us about it!

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