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Make vegan cheese yourself - plant-based cheese alternatives

Mhm ... cheese. Such a spicy piece of cheese is a little piece of happiness. Add a few sweet grapes and the aromas tango on your tongue. Cheese is also the reason why so many say they don't want to be vegan or they just can't make it. On the aromatic dairy product they just want do not waive. That is quite understandable, because even if you ask me, everything tastes better with cheese. What would lasagna or pizza be without melted cheese?

But hey, I was wrong, because too with vegetable ingredients like nuts, kernels or soy you can easy to make vegan cheese yourself. And it comes very close to the taste of the animal. Vegan nutrition has nothing to do with doing without. There are now many plant-based alternatives to animal dairy products and the vegan cheese counter is well stocked. For those who like to experiment in the kitchen and prefer to know exactly what is in their ingredients, here are a few useful ones Information, tips and tricks about vegan cheese and how you can easily make it yourself. No cheese lover has to do without his favorite dishes and can also devour a large portion of pasta with vegan cheese sauce.

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Vegan cheese that is not cheese - the name

In the Designation "cheese" is it a protected termwhich is officially only allowed to be used for cheese made from milk products. The ban on using the term for plant-based cheese is intended to rule out any likelihood of confusion. However, I use this term in this article for clarity and also point out that taste and texture of the “vegan cheeses” come very close to those of their animal models, but are more comparable than identical.

Vegan Cheese - Facts and Benefits

  • Vegan cheese can Prevent animal suffering, since no animal products are required for production. In this way, the mass farming of dairy cows, which is still common, often under adverse conditions, can be counteracted. It is also used for the production of some animal cheeses Lab used - an enzyme that is obtained from the stomach lining of calves during utilization and ensures that the milk is thickened. Of course, you don't need that for your vegan cheese alternative either. And the dairy cows, which are usually kept under poor conditions and exposed to enormous stress, can be given a break if you make your cheese from plant-based ingredients.
  • Vegan cheese is diverse: of Hard to soft cheese there is also the right one for every taste among the vegan varieties.
  • If you make your own vegan cheese, you decide which one ingredients and you can season it as you like.
  • Vegan cheese is lactose and gluten free.

Make vegan cheese yourself - the basic ingredients

If you want to do yourself good and make your own vegan cheese, then you should do a few Basic ingredients have ready for cheese making. Which these are also depends on the variety you want to make. Since there are no fancy ingredients, you can get them in the well-stocked supermarket and stock up on your supplies quickly. Most foods are dry products that you e.g. B. can be stored well in lockable jars.

Cashew nuts

The small, nutty crescents are ideal for making vegan cheese. For one thing, they are rich in protein and included unsaturated fatty acidsthat provide energy to your body. And on the other hand, they can be extra Mix creamy. Cashew nuts should be soaked for about 2 hours and rinsed off with clear water - this way they are easy to process and become the nutty, mild basis for your vegan cheese. With cashews you can z. B. spicy vegan Parmesan for sprinkling or also aromatic Camembert do.


Almonds are not only a good snack between meals, with properties similar to cashew nuts, they are also ideal for making vegan cheese. For one creamy consistency when pureeing, you have to soak them beforehand or briefly boil them in hot water. With their nutty taste, almonds are ideal for making various vegan foods Cream cheesesthat you can top with herbs.


Whether soy milk, soy yoghurt or tofu - you can use soy in a wide variety of ways. You can make tender soft cheese with soy milk and soy yoghurt or mix it with a little agar agar, Mozzarella similar cheese. Out tofu can you spice vegan feta do. You can find the basic recipe below.

Yeast flakes

To get a delicious "cheesy“To create flavor, yeast flakes are a very helpful ingredient. Contain yeast flakes Glutamic acid, which is released by the drying of the yeast mass and ensures the spicy taste of the flakes. During the drying process, the yeasts are deactivated, so that yeast flakes are not used as leavening agents, but as pure ones Food supplements and condiments be used. A few spoonfuls of it creates an aromatic cheese flavor, perfect for that Yeast melt your vegan lasagna.

Agar Agar

The herbal gelling agents is used for the firmness of the vegan cheese variations. It is made up of various algae, but mainly Red algae produced. Agar Agar is dissolved from the cell walls of the algae with hot water, dried and ground to a powder. Most of the production takes place in Asia, therefore it is also called "Japanese gelatin" known. When it comes to the dosage, it should be noted that the degree of binding is stronger than with gelatine and therefore you only need a little of it to set your vegan cheese. Important is also that agar agar has to be heated to dissolve and then to solidify again by cooling.


Regardless of whether it is potato, corn or cornstarch, it also serves as a Thickener and must be dissolved in warm liquid and stirred in. When it cools down, it also gives the vegan cheese mass stability. Again, be a little more careful with the dosage so that your end product does not become too firm. If your cheese is too runny, you can simply reheat the mixture and stir in a little more starch.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for ensuring that your vegan cheese has a smooth consistency. Make sure that you tasteless coconut oil use so that your cheese doesn't taste like coconut. It's best to warm it up before using it so that it blends well with the other ingredients.

Make vegan cheese yourself - the most important spices

For intense flavors of your vegan cheese substitute, your spice rack should be well stocked:

  • salt: A good pinch of it dissolves the organic flavors in your ingredients and strengthens them Own taste of the food used.
  • pepper: The small berries are available in green, black, red and white. All varieties are ideal to add to your vegan cheese spicy note to rent.
  • Garlic and onion granules: When dried, they are not so savory and make for a slightly cheesy aroma in your homemade vegan cheese. You can also use fresh tubers for pickling tofu feta or the like.
  • Dried herbs: If you want to make a vegan feta or just want to wrap your vegan cheese nicely, use a lot different herbs. By default, you can use dried oregano, thyme, rosemary and marjoram.
  • Paprika powder: Would you like to give your vegan cheese a sweet or savory note? Depending on which you decide for noble sweet or hot pink. Smoked paprika powder adds a bitter, smoky component.
  • Chilli flakes: Do you like it fiery? Then definitely use dried ones Chili peppers. You can also shape your vegan cream cheese into balls and roll it in chilli flakes. Looks nice and is wonderfully hot.
  • Miso paste: The Japanese paste out fermented soybeans is particularly salty and you can use it to flavor your vegan cheese substitute.

Make vegan cheese yourself - production techniques

Depending on the type, you can use different techniques to make your vegan cheese. Therefore, you should have some utensils in the house:

  • A Sieve and a Pass clothso that excess liquid can drain off.
  • One Hand blender, Blender or Universal kitchen machine for chopping and pureeing.
  • Various to shape and Vessels for storing, fermenting or shaping the cheese. Make sure everything is clean and sterile.
  • And of course you also need different ones Pots and Spoon,but that classicequipment you have safe in your kitchen.

Depending on the desired variety, you use the appropriate manufacturing technique:

Thickening / draining

This technique works particularly well for Cream or cottage cheese. To do this, boil the soy drink or yogurt with a little lemon juice or vinegar until it sets and then let it drain in a strainer or sieve so that it does not water down.

Let ferment / mature

When fermenting will be Food preserved through fermentation. To ferment vegan cheese you will need organic microorganisms like yeast, certain bacteria or fungi. You mix these e.g. B. in powder form under the cashew butter for your cashew cheese, which you then ferment for one day at room temperature in a cloth. Fermented foods not only last longer, they also last a lot healthy and digestible for the stomach and intestines. Dark and dry storage and a constant temperature are important for ripening. You can use your refrigerator for this. However, you should put the vegan cheese loaf in a container, ventilate it every day and remove any liquid.

Store and freeze homemade vegan cheese

So that your vegan cheese can keep for a few days, it's best to keep it in one airtight box or one Glass in the refrigerator. If you've made one serving too much, you can use your cheese substitute for Freeze for approx. 2 months. The longer it is frozen, the sooner it can lose its taste. Make sure it is packed well and frozen in a plastic box or freezer bag. If you take it out again, try it slowly z. B. overnight in the refrigerator to thaw. You can dab away the liquid from the dew with a paper towel to prevent mold from forming.

Make vegan cheese yourself - the different types

You don't have to go without your favorite cheeses, because you can easily make the vegan version yourself:

Vegan cream cheese

It is super easy and quick to prepare. To do this, you have to soak the almonds or cashews, depending on which nuts / kernels you use, or briefly boil them until soft, puree with the mixer and season with lemon juice, yeast flakes, salt and pepper. To keep it from watering down, you can drain it in a nut milk bag in a colander. To the recipe

Vegan parmesan

A large portion of parmesan should be on every pasta. To do this, chop up almonds or cashews with yeast flakes and salt in a food processor or chopper and sprinkle them over your pasta. Definitely the fastest option to go for vegan cheese substitutes. To the recipe

Vegan mozzarella

The white balls are easy to make from soy drink or yoghurt and cashew nuts. The soaked cashews are finely pureed with spices, the soy drink is boiled with agar agar and the cashew butter is folded in. With a spoon you add the cream in portions to harden in ice water and you have your mozzarella balls made of cashew cheese.

Vegan pizza cheese / yeast melt

Perfect for pizza, lasagna and casseroles. You prepare it very much like roux. Melt margarine, sweat with flour, deglaze with water and season with spices. The yeast flakes provide the cheesy note. To the recipe

Vegan camembert

The soft cheese is a bit more demanding because you need probiotics, i.e. natural microorganisms that contribute to fermentation, to ripen. Here you can z. B. fall back on bread drink from the drugstore. You mix the bread drink with your soaked, pureed and seasoned cashew mass, which you let dry in a mold for 1-2 days at room temperature. When it is left to mature, it is important to store it in a dark, dry place and maintain a constant temperature in order to produce a "healthy" mold rind. For this z. B. the refrigerator. There you can store your cheese substitute in a box for several days and let it mature. However, you should air your cheese once a day and dab off any liquid with a clean cloth. Repeat this process until you have the texture and bark you want.

Vegan Gouda

The hard cheese in this recipe is made from cashew nuts and soy milk. The soaked cashews are finely pureed with spices in a high-performance mixer, the soy milk is boiled with lemon juice and agar agar, then everything is mixed and placed in a mold in the refrigerator to harden. To the recipe

Recipes with vegan cheese

You don't want to enjoy your vegan cheese only on bread or you have a portion left over and want to combine it with other foods? Then put on your apron, grab your cheese substitute and make vegan Mac & Cheese, a vegan grilled cheese sandwich or a classic delicious lasagna. That's not enough for you, you want it even more cheesy? Then here comes the absolute highlight: vegan cheese fondue. It tastes best with fresh or lightly toasted bread.

It is also easy to replace cow's milk with plant-based milk. You can also create excellent recipes with plant-based drinks such as soy milk, oat milk, almond milk or rice milk. You can also try hazelnut milk, pea milk or pistachio milk.

Vegan feta - the basic recipe

To make your entry into the vegan cheese world easier, it's best to start with a very simple recipe. Vegan feta is super easy to make and doesn't need a lot of utensils, just about 3 days of patience. That is how long it should marinate in oil and spices so that it absorbs the aromas and develops an intense taste.

Preparation steps

Squeeze the tofu firmly between kitchen paper, dab and cut into large cubes. Wash the herbs, pluck the leaves from the stems and chop finely.
Mix the olive oil with the herbs, lemon juice, yeast flakes, salt and pepper.
Peel the garlic and place in a sterile glass with the tofu cubes. Pour the marinade over, shake a few times and close tightly.

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