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Internet Chrome Canary - what is it?


You may have come across Chrome Canary while using Google Chrome normally. In the following we explain to you what this browser is all about and whether you should use it.

What is Chrome Canary?

Google Chrome is available in several versions. The basic version is the well-known Google Chrome. In addition to a few other variants, there is also Chrome Canary. This is a Chrome that is always supplied with brand new updates. But these updates are also used to try out. New functions are implemented and tested for some time. If they are good, these functions are added to the basic Chrome.

Chrome Canary is primarily important to developers as it allows new features to be tested. In addition to a faster speed, Canary is also characterized by instability. Implemented features are not always fully developed. This can lead to problems.

Should I make Chrome Canary my default browser?

This question cannot be answered with a clear "yes" or "no". Because it depends on a couple of circumstances. Google itself advertises Canary as follows: "Re-explore the boundaries of the internet. Warning: Canary can be unstable."And that is exactly where the crux of the matter lies.

Canary always represents the most up-to-date development status of Chrome. In many cases this is positive because, for example, new features are available. But this factor can also lead to problems. Canary's updates are untested. An update can also temporarily worsen the browser or make it unstable.

So if you want to have every innovation immediately, you should install Canary. If you use your browser for general surfing rather than for specific features, it is best to stick to standard Chrome.