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Main Coon and BHK mixed breed

Main Coon and BHK Mischling We have a little 10 week old Main Coon BHK male to give because our other male is very mean to him. With a heavy heart you have to let him go. He has been dewormed, has food with him and uses the toilet on his own.

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Main coon Mix (Göllheim)

Loving main coon mix tomcat 13 weeks old. Dewormed house-trained looking for a loving home. Very playful only as a second cat.

Main coon kitten mix (Haslach)

1 time 9 week old main coon mix kittens to be given away but only when they are 12 weeks old and not earlier. Parents can visit [...]

Maine Coon Mix (Stolberg)

Hello, Our cat had three sweet kittens on April 2nd, 2021. Two male cats are still looking for a nice new home from July 2nd, 2021. From the [...]

Maine Coon & Forest Cat Mix Kitten (Ostrhauderfehn)

Our two cats a Maine Coon cat & a Neva Masquarade = (forest tomcat) have had offspring. They were born on February 12th, 2021 and therefore [...]

Sweet cream-white Maine Coon Ragdoll male [...] (Bottrop)

Hello dear cat lovers. We are looking for a loving and species-appropriate home for our little one.

Maine Coon Mix (Bremen)

The great Filou is looking for a new loving family with children, no matter what age, where he has the opportunity to go out he will be 2 years old on May 21, 21st is vaccination certificate unfortunately he has [...]

Maine Coon tomcat without papers (Neu-Ulm)

I am Luca and I was born on January 16, 2021. I grow up lovingly in the midst of a big cat family. Of course I also learn [...]

BKH Maine Coon Mix Katerchen (Burghaslach)

Dear, cuddly cat is still looking for his family. He was born on March 13th, 2021 and has already been vaccinated, chipped and dewormed. We do not mediate individually. Recognizes [...]

Stud, Main Coon and Norwegian [...] (Dettighofen)

Hello, my name is Simba and I am 9 months old. My favorite pastime is cuddling and catching mice. The [...]

2 black Main Coon tomcats without papers (Neu-Ulm)

We were born on January 16th, 2021 and are looking for a loving home together. We grow lovingly [...]

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Persian Angora kitten (Gelsenkirchen)

From the end of June, at 12 weeks old, our little puzzles are looking for a lifelong loving home. ? If you are on vacation, it is [...]

Muffin - Kater, born 2016 (Hagen)

Muffin is waiting for his family in Bulgaria and could leave the country after a positive preliminary check. Born in 2016 unfortunately through the [...]

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