How would you survive without words

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In the hospital would you sleep now.
In a hospital, they would have you sleep.
How would you feel like kissing ...
How would you feel if you were out necking ...
You would reunite him with his mom.
You would be the one reuniting him with his mom.
You would don't kill me in front of everyone.
You wouldn't kill me in front of all of them.
Otherwise would you kill someone else.
You would have found something else to kill.
As would you ever give me Christmas bonus
Like you would ever give me a Christmas bonus.
For whom you hate me would.
A thought that you would hate me for.
You would survive less than ten seconds.
You alone would permanently cost the clan valuable resources.
You alone would permanently take away valuable resources from the kinship.
I knew what your job was would.
I knew in which occupation I would find you engaged.
You would never go in without your partner.
You never would've gone in without your partner.
And therefore would you don't fake the opposite.
And because of that, you would not pretend otherwise.
You would never sell the circus.
You wouldn't sell the circus, not in a million years.
Naturally would you that, sweetheart.
Well, of course you would, sweetheart.
If you can do a little phone call for me would.
If you would be willing to make one simple phone call for me.
The explanation would you don't believe me.
If I try to explain it, you wouldn't believe me.
You would don't betray the MC.
You would barely two minutes in the ring.
You wouldn't last two minutes when you step into the ring.
You would can't stand every vacation here.
You wouldn't stand to be here every holiday.
As would you cease to exist.
Like you would cease to exist any longer.
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