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Karaoke Songs - Popular karaoke songs list

When it comes to karaoke, opinions differ. Some love karaoke and like to go to the karaoke bar every Saturday. For others, the leisure activity is torture. There is actually nothing in between. If you like crooked notes, drunk adults and tactlessness, then we have the right karaoke songs for you.

Karaoke Songs: Simple and good karaoke songs for your evening

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Content: Karaoke hits

Popular and easy karaoke songs

In a karaoke bar you shouldn't prove that you know the most extravagant songs. You prefer to choose simple and good karaoke songs, which on the one hand are not too difficult and on the other hand encourage you to sing along. At best, your audience knows the chosen karaoke song and sings along with it. In Germany, pack singing is particularly popular with karaoke and has established itself. We have created a selection of the best karaoke hits for you. We have 10 German karaoke songs and 10 English karaoke songs. Have fun with it!

10 German karaoke songs

In our selection you will find songs to sing along to and dance to. Just the right songs for prime time.

But we also give you the opportunity to make your audience cry. In the early morning hours, with enough intuition, the sappy and sad ballads should definitely not be missing.

1. Peter Fox - House on the Lake

The song was a huge hit for the former lead singer of the band Seed. With his hit he was in the German single charts for 70 weeks. In 2009 Peter Fox received a gold record for his mega hit. The song is still very popular today and is often sung on karaoke evenings. After 12 years almost everyone knows the lyrics by heart.

2. Tim Bendzko - Only a short time to save the world

The song was a commercial success. One time gold and two times platinum in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is something to be proud of. Together with two other musicians he wrote the song and in the process produced a hit that many people now like to cover and sing especially on a Saturday evening in the karaoke bar.

3. Vulture nosedive - Gross National Product

The probably greatest hit of the band Geier Sturzflug made its debut around 40 years ago under the title “Now we are spitting into our hands again”. Almost everyone knows the song to this day. It is one of the most successful hits of the "Neue Deutsche Welle". No wonder it can still be heard in every karaoke bar today.

4. SIDO - Astronaut (feat.Andreas Bourani)

One gold, two platinum, 1 Live Krone award for seven weeks at number one in the single charts in Germany and the award as the most successful work in 2015 (German Music Author Award). With this song history was made. The former gangster rapper Sido also makes it onto our top 10 selection of the best karaoke songs.

5. Spider Murphy Gang - Scandal In The Restricted Area

The number one hit was one of the most successful of the Neue Deutsche Welle era. In Germany the song was in the charts for 35 weeks. You can still hear the hit at every 90s party and in every karaoke bar.

6. The Fantastic Four - The Da ?!

The Fantastischen Vier achieved their first chart successes in German rap. With the song Die Da !? the German hip-hop group paved the way for German rapeseed. So if you want to heat up the atmosphere in your bar with cool rap flows, this is the karaoke song for you.

7. Sportfreunde Stiller - applause, applause

A song that everyone will sing along to. Expect your audience to support you and walk you through the song. The hit from Sportfreunde Stiller is very popular and is sung in karaoke bars. So he has also occupied a place on our list.

8. Extra wide - hurray, hurray the school is on fire

The song has been covered and sung countless times. It is still a song that everyone knows and is sung in karaoke bars.

9. Hubert Kah - starry sky

In 1983 the single reached gold status. The song was in the charts for 22 weeks. It also belongs to the Nine Deutsche Welle era and is still very popular today. Even with a certain intuition you will not drown in this good karaoke song, but deliver

10. Klaus Lage Band - Touched 1000 times

The song was released under the title "100 und 1 Nacht (Zoom!)" And later renamed. The hit stayed in the charts for 22 weeks and is to this day Lages' biggest hit. The chorus doesn't need lyrics, as almost everyone knows it by heart. The perfect karaoke song.

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10 English karaoke songs

One or the other song will drive most people to white heat. Commercial hits that have already been heard dead again are exactly the right songs for your karaoke evening.

1. Oasis - Wonderwall

The hit stayed in the singles charts for 84 weeks. To this day "Wonderwall" is by far the most popular karaoke song.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who, according to Twitter, liked the song very much, became aware of her and her number one hit. The song took off extremely well and today has an unbelievable 1.25 billion clicks on YouTube. Such a hit should of course not be missing in our selection.

3. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way

With “I want it that way”, the Backstreet Boys reached number 1 in more than 25 countries. The song is considered a figurehead of the boy group. The pop ballad was also nominated for three Grammys. Many can no longer hear the song, but it is exactly the right choice for the karaoke bar.

4. Pharell Williams - Happy

The song went gold twice, platinum 61 times and diamond twice. Happy has encouraged numerous people to make their own videos of the song and dance to show how happy they are. Move with your audience to this mega hit and tear down the hut.

5. Sunrise Avenue - Fairytale Gone Bath

It is probably the most famous song by the band Sunrise Avenue. The number 1 hit enjoyed great commercial success and is still very popular to this day. Lyrics and tempo are very pleasant. At karaoke, you will have few problems with the song.

6. John Legend - All of Me

In 10 years, John Legend wrote his first number one hit. The success was indescribable for him. You can literally feel your emotions live. You just have to bring those emotions on stage and the audience will be your biggest fan. A karaoke song for the late evening hours

7. Toto - Africa

The megahit achieved a huge commercial success. Few musicians can compete with the song with two gold and 15 platinum awards. The chorus is the hit at a karaoke party. Choose this song the next time you visit a karaoke bar and fascinate your audience

8. Ben E King - Stand by Me

The song is number 121 of the 500 best songs of all time. You can hardly decorate a song more. For the later hours of the evening you will release a few tears with this song. Sing this good karaoke song with your friends and have an unforgettable evening

9. CeeLo Green - Fuck You

The song was written and produced together with Bruno Mars. It puts you in a good mood and is relatively easy to sing along with. The perfect karaoke song for your evening

10. Madonna - Like A Prayer

The immortal song by Madonna was number 1 for 77 weeks and is definitely one of the most popular karaoke songs internationally. Get your girls and get on stage.

What is your favorite karaoke song?

You can probably think of a number of karaoke songs that didn't make it into our selection. So please let us know which karaoke song you like best and which songs are best for a karaoke evening. Maybe we'll add your song to our list.

Otherwise there is only one thing left to say ... Prepare yourself for the weekend and get in the mood. The next party is yours.

Have fun!