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$ 16 million: FBI uncovers coin fraud in FUT!

Anthony Clark (24) farmed FIFA coins with three accomplices. They brought up the fraud so much that the FBI even investigated them and brought Clark to justice. From a single bank account alone, the authority has secured over three million US dollars, all other accounts together come to about four million US dollars - other material assets were also secured.

Clark and his accomplices found out how in FUT they could get the game to generate free in-game currency for them. To do this, they sent a fake signal that sent the EA server a "game ended message" and then distributed corresponding rewards in the form of coins. They used various accounts in order not to attract attention and transferred the farmed coins to black market dealers in China and Great Britain, who in turn sold them to users.

EA bans coin farmers and sellers immediately. Buyers are initially cautioned. EA SPORTS

Coin fraud in FIFA is not a difficult thing, there are various sites on the Internet where you can buy 20,000 coins for less than four euros. The in-game currency is transferred from one account to the other via the transfer market. To do this, the player uses items at inflated prices that can easily be found in the shop, offers them with his main account, and buys them with the black market profile on which the purchased currency is located. In this way, 300,000 coins can easily be transferred in 20 minutes.

Over time, Clark and accomplices even modified a console to bypass EA anti-fraud mechanisms and then outsourced their program to cloud servers so that several farm apps could run in parallel.

Clark has already been found guilty. He is now facing 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine. EA punishes fraudsters harshly: Coin farmers and sellers are blocked immediately, buyers are warned twice and then banned.