Grammar Premium is better than grammar

Check grammar and spelling with the Microsoft Editor browser extension

The Editor browser extension checks for grammar and spelling errors and makes suggestions for refining your text, such as: B. to avoid passive form or breathlessness. Click an underlined word to display a list of corrections.

The editor runs as an extension in Edge or Chrome. You can access it from your browser's app store:

Get editor in Office apps

Microsoft 365 subscribers get premium editor features in Word,, and Outlook for the web. Learn how you can get more out of the editor with Microsoft 365.

More features coming soon

The editor checks grammar and refinement options in more than 20 languages ​​(and spelling in 89 languages). For information about the issues that the editor has checked in different languages, see Availability of Editor Spelling, Grammar, and Language Refinement Features.

The browser extension works for most websites, but there are exceptions. In particular, Google Docks is not yet supported. If you are using Gmail, you will need to turn off the spelling and grammar checker in the Gmail settings. We'll be updating the Editor browser extension with more features in the coming months.