Why does IDM not show the file size

Internet Download Manager, a powerful download manager

As with many other alternative operating systems, some programs are already preinstalled with Windows. From there, most users download their favorites from the Internet, depending on how they are used. Likewise, downloads of other types of content are more than usual, sometimes almost constantly. That's where Multimedia content Downloads so as photos, Videos , Audio files, etc. come into play.

The same applies to the various types of documentation that we find on websites and that we would like to save after downloading. It is true that current internet browsers, in one way or another, offer us their own features that allow us to manage and personalize those content downloads that we refer to. But we also have to admit that they leave something to be desired and are quite limited.


Benefits of using Internet Download Manager to download from the Internet

To this we have to add that in most cases we want these download processes to run as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will always find ourselves faced with bandwidth limitations on our connection, yes, but we can improve them Downloads . Hence, one of the most common and useful solutions in this regard is to use a manager for these problems. This is exactly the case that we will talk about in the same lines.

In particular, we refer to one of the most widely used and popular suggestions in the world, such as: Internet download manager . In fact, it is a software solution in the form of a download manager that has been around for many years. Therefore, the developers have enough experience to propose a program of high quality and reliability. In fact, it just keeps getting better and new and more powerful features keep coming.

Even if something characterized this program For a long time it has been its tremendous functionality, along with its stability and adaptability. We say this because its use is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

IDM user interface

For all of this, it offers an intuitive one User interface that is divided into several well-differentiated sections. On the one hand we find the central panel in which the download processes are carried out at this point in time. On the other side we find the left field, through which we can control them more precisely. From this we can see the finished downloads, the queues that have yet to be completed or the categories in which they are saved.

For its part, and as usual, we find a number of shortcuts above to allow us to Add tasks , delete, schedule, etc. That means we can perform the most common tasks directly. We also have to take into account that the program allows us to add download tasks in different ways. So we can do it from the Add button by dragging that Url or directly from the Windows clipboard.

Manage downloads through the Internet Download Manager

It's also interesting to know that every time we load a new download into the program, we automatically find a window where we can customize it. This way we can easily specify the path where it will be saved. We see the source Url If we want to add it to a category, it is size , etc.

On the other hand, and how else could it be, we will also get a good amount of additional information during the process itself. We can see everything on the screen by simply clicking on the appropriate entry in the middle section of the previously mentioned interface. We see first-hand and real-time data such as file size, current speed, remaining time, received packets, etc.

Of course, in addition to everything we comment on, we're adding the ability to manage several simultaneous downloads , stop some or remove their contents. In the same way, and via the Schedule button, we have the option of loading the sources of the files to be downloaded and telling the program when they should really be downloaded. This enables us to use this bandwidth when we do not need it for other tasks, for example.

At the same time, it should be noted that when the Internet Download Manager is running, we can automatically download streaming videos from the websites we visit.

Download the manager's configuration options

For most users and those who don't want complications, the standard options IDM are more than enough. But perhaps the most advanced need to go one step further. That is why this download manager offers us some interesting functions that we can customize and customize according to our needs.

For all of this we just have to click on the Options button that we see at the top of the main interface. Here you will find a number of tabs that belong to a variety of sections of Internet Download Manager. That's the way we can configure the bandwidth limits, the browsers using the program, standard routes, compatible formats or the type of connection among many other parameters.

Alternatives to the Internet Download Manager

  • HTTP Downloader: This is another similar suggestion when it comes to managing and speeding up the downloading of our files. We can test it from this link and it presents us with a number of interesting functions for these tasks that we will be discussing. In fact, it presents one User interface similar to the one previously described.
  • DownZemAll: On the other hand, we can use this alternative for comprehensive health programs Internet Downloads . We can turn off this link and it's worth noting that it's a very interesting open source project.

How to download the Internet Download Manager now

At this point, say once that this is a program, Internet Download Manager, that we can try it for free for 30 days free of charge from here. Once that time is up, we will have to pay for one of the versions suggested by the developers. These versions range from the basic version with a one-year license for 9.95 euros to the lifetime license for 20.50 euros.