Which is best AKGEC or ABESEC

How much time should it take to successfully crack the Amazon Web Services (AWS) full-time interview? How should I plan my studies?

First and foremost, they give you their company's standards (or at least what they claim to be). Assuming the laws are strict, and unlike the robot conquering the world, it is not wise to think about how applying a rule to one customer will affect the rest.

Most on-site interviews are conducted by ordinary people, but one person raises the bar. The company is full of politics and a lot of people are not happy there. So my first suggestion is that you find out if you really want to work there.

The interview I did was very challenging, I might have chosen a managerial position, but one guy asked a lot of trick questions. However, an on-site interview means that you have already beaten 90% of the competition.

It was a full-day process on site and I kept the general Big (O) charts in mind because their phone interviews were all about Big-O. Oops: D, on site everything revolved around design and architecture.

More importantly, I've been asked questions about business decisions (I look at these trick questions like most programmers think logically).

I suspect the reason I didn't get the offer was because I didn't see it as logical to allow a customer to pay a dime for a flat screen TV because they claimed someone sold it for it. I couldn't get over my logical side to access fundamentalism and the absolute acceptance of “the customer is always right” (although they phrased it differently).

When you get to the last interview you also get an idea of ​​how they pay. The base salary is actually crap, but you get paid based on project success and so on.

I also found out that there are a lot of politics out there, among other things, if you fit in well, you can probably go bankrupt at some point.

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