What are two characteristics of business administration

Business administration

Definition: business administration

Business administration is the abbreviation for Business administration and counts as Branch of economics. Another common name in business administration is business administration. Based on the economic idea, business administration is based on the scarcity of goods. In contrast to the more complex economics, which is referred to as the sister of business administration, business administration deals with the perspective from an operational point of view focused on the individual company.

Contents of the business administration

Planning, organization and calculations are the content of the general business administration. This is a cross-sectoral course of study, which is used after the apprenticeship:

  • in every production and manufacturing plant,
  • as well as in all branches of the economy.

The aim of business administration is to encourage interdisciplinary thinking and decision-making. Business administration is divided into two areas. The institutional business administration as part of the special business administration relates to all functional areas, but only to certain types of business. Functional business administration, on the other hand, only includes a single functional area, but different industries and companies.

Different areas of work in business administration

The study of business administration is very popular due to its diverse fields of application. In all commercial companies, business administration plays a major role and ensures:

  • efficient and
  • economically viable,
  • as well as ecologically functional operation.

In the…

  • Procurement and sales,
  • the real estate industry
  • or finance,
  • in taxation
  • and also in management
... there are positions that are related to business administration and require a degree in business administration as the basis of employment. An overlap with other sciences is required in business administration to the extent that it is not the case in any other sub-area of ​​business. Mathematics, pedagogy and also psychology, history, ethics and geography can belong to the intersection of business administration.

Business Administration in Research

In economic or commercial training, business administration is one of the theoretically trained subjects. But this is only a small part of the subject area, so that a job in business administration requires an advanced degree in business administration. In basic research, business management thinking and acting is part of everyday tasks, which means that business administration is also of great importance in the research area. It is important that the theoretical knowledge can be put into practice and implemented. Business administration students can pursue both their bachelor's and master's degrees.

Business Administration Definition Summary

  • Diverse career opportunities after studying business administration
  • Theory and practice are important in all companies
  • Business administration is also necessary in research
  • Bachelor and Master degrees possible
  • Focus on the economy in the company