Can I use hair oil after the conditioner

Apply hair oil properly

How to use a hair oil correctly is very important to know - because if you take care of your hair incorrectly, you can also damage your hair. Whether in summer or winter, our hair needs good care all year round. Warmth and cold, hats or braided hairstyles put a lot of strain on the hair and scalp.
The effect of hair oil depends on various factors. The structure of the hair is crucial, and hair oil application is very easy.

How do I use hair oil correctly?

There are different ways of using hair oil “correctly”, we will explain these to you in more detail below. However, you can also care for your hair in an uncomplicated way, because the most important thing is that hair oil supplies the hair with nutrients.

It doesn't matter whether the hair is dry or wet. Depending on the health of the hair, a few drops are placed on the palms of the hands, distributed in the hair and then applied to dry hair - only two to three drops are necessary for this. The oil is first rubbed between the palms of the hands and then worked into the hair with gentle movements. If you have long hair, it is better to apply the oil with a comb.

The different types of hair oil to use

The hair oil application is enjoying increasing popularity because the hair oil effect is positive even after the hair is subjected to mechanical stress. Even brushing and combing puts a strain on the hair, so proper care is important. The hair oil application gives the hair wonderful properties.

Every single hair is protected from external and internal environmental influences. Nowadays there is a hair oil for many care series, because hair is stressed especially after straightening or blow-drying. The products offered are often a mix of several oils.

Leave-in treatment - hair oil before shampooing

The leave-in cure is suitable for quick use in a hurry to give the hair the pep it needs for a date or other. It takes place before washing your hair and is ideal for an intensive one.

To do this, take a few drops of the hair oil in your hands and massage it into the tips and length of your hair and let it work for twenty to fourteen minutes. This ensures that the hair is not only made to shine, but that the oil also gets into the inside of the hair and cares for it.

If the scalp is dry and irritable, you should not do without massaging directly onto the skin. After waiting for the hair oil to take effect, you can wash your hair and see its new shine.

Important tip for hair oil - leave-in treatment

Sometimes you want to use the nourishing hair oil only after washing your hair - you have to note that it is better to do without the conditioner, hair mask or other when washing your hair. A hair conditioner would put a thin layer over the scales of the hair and then not allow the oil to soak in.

Pre-wash treatment - overnight hair care

If you don't have any plans in the evening and want to do something good for your hair, you can treat yourself to the pre-wash treatment and care for your hair overnight. This application of a hair oil is the most fabricated and most effective method and is recommended for split ends, dry, brittle or dull hair.

As with the leave-in cure, you take a few drops of your oil and massage them into your hair, as explained in more detail in the previous section.

As a rule of thumb, you should massage in the hair oil until the hair has light strands in the tips and lengths. Now you have to wait and let the hair oil take effect overnight, in the morning you should wash your hair that has been cared for with oil thoroughly with water.

Important tip for hair oil - pre-wash treatment

Anyone who wants to use a hair oil care product overnight for the first time will wake up the next morning with slightly oily hair - don't worry, this is completely normal. If your hair is still stranded and greasy even after thorough shampooing, you can use dry shampoo, rice or corn starch would also help here, as these, like dry shampoo, remove excess oil from the hair.

Fast cure - massage in hair oil before blow-drying

If you have little time and the care should turn out a little faster, then you can simply put the oil in the damp tips and lengths before blow-drying.

Even with dry hair you can add a little hair oil to the lengths. With both applications, the hair is given a beautiful, silky shine and has more volume.

Important general tip

In order to really maximize the nourishing effect of hair oil, the hair or head should always be kept warm. This can be easily achieved with cling film over your head and with a towel that you wrap over the head covered with cling film.

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