Do mobile homes do deeds

About us...

Welcome to our homepage "Familie Jansen"

We are the families Willi, Ralf & Thomas Jansen.

When, in the summer of 1997, we accepted an offer from relatives to go on holiday with them in a mobile home in Holland, we could not imagine owning our own mobile home around 3 months later.

But it was like this ...

... we liked the mobile home and the campsite "De Molenhoek" in Kamperland so much that we immediately after our return home"Jansensrat"have called together and pondered, made plans whether this was for us and how we could get it done.

And our ideas led to deeds ...

... already 1 month later we all drove to Kamperland on a rainy weekend and we have not yet seen the family members"De Molenhoek"we looked at the whole thing and asked what was in store for us.

And we all agreed immediately ...

... we were so excited about the place, the surroundings, the thought"own holiday destination"We immediately decided to go to a mobile home provider to realize our idea. We looked at a few offers and found what we were looking for pretty quickly.

... 2 months later the time had come, he was there. Then the work started, plates had to be laid for our terrace and everything around that, which our head of the family Willi could really let out again. The lawn was sown, a shed was built, a satellite dish was set up, the mobile home was set up by the women and everything worked out great.

You can see some pictures on the other pages.

And it got even better ...

... we experienced such a neighborly help, which made us all the more sure not to have made a mistake with our new acquisition. And now we have everything on site that you need for a nice and, above all, relaxing holiday.

And in between ...

In 2004 and 2005 we increased our space from 120 m² to 140 m² with a new terrace and a new fence, in addition, our head of the family built a super nice new entrance staircase and thus gave our Jansen's Hook a great new outfit.

In 2013 we enlarged the bathroom and built in a luxury shower, but a bedroom had to make way. But with our 2 bedrooms there is still enough space for everyone.

In 2016 our caravan got new beds and new windows, doors, roller blinds and mosquito screens that will definitely make your vacation even more pleasant.

And today...

... we are sure that it was by no means a mistake to realize this idea. On the contrary, we would have made a huge mistake if we hadn't. And we all still prefer to go to our "Jansen's Hook" because we know exactly what we have in it.

And if you feel like it, visit our "Jansen's Hook"To go on vacation, just get in touch with us.

You can find our address or e-mail address under Contacts.

So hopefully see you then

Your Jansen family