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Google Ads: How Search Engine Advertising Works

FAQ: Google Ads

What is Google Ads

This is a service that enables you to place ads on Google. As a search engine marketing measure, this can help increase the visibility of your website.

How do I post an ad on Google Ads?

Here we clarify the steps to be taken when creating an advertisement.

What do you have to pay attention to after creation?

As with all lawyer marketing measures, you need to regularly check how useful and effective they are. It is also important to assess whether the costs are worthwhile.

Law firm marketing: should you run ads on Google?

Today it is almost impossible to do without lawyer marketing. They were even earlier satisfied clients the best advertising media, the search for a lawyer is shifting more and more to the internet.

A good advertisement now consists of Target group-specific campaigns - a mix of offline and online marketing. Google Advertising is a good way to attract potential customers without great wastage to address.

In this guide we will inform you about that AdWords Advertising. We explain to you what options Google Ads can offer you, how keyword marketing works and what costs you can expect.

Google Ads: Adword or Adsense?

Before you start thinking about Google Ads as part of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), you should put your homepage on thecurrent status brought. In addition to the technical aspects, this also includes a certain amount of search engine optimization (SEO). This is the only way that you can be found organically, i.e. based on relevance, quickly on Google. For SEO is fundamental not a big budget necessary, which is why you should definitely acquire the appropriate know-how. With SEO as the basis for a good ranking of your website, you can strategically integrate Google Advertising into your legal marketing.

To do this, you should first familiarize yourself with the Target your campaign deal with. What do you actually want to achieve? Do you want to market certain services or draw attention to yourself in general? And very important: What budget do you have available?

Google basically offers two services which are of interest to advertisers. For one thing AdWords and on the other AdSense. With the first, you have the opportunity to create advertising for your law firm and place it in a target group-oriented manner. With AdSense, on the other hand, you can make money on your homepage by Provide advertising space.

In the following, we will therefore focus on that AdWords Marketing. The aim is to increase the reach for your own services. It would also be extremely unfavorable if the competition's Google Ads landed on your side via the AdSense network.

It doesn't work without a Google account!

In order to work with Google Ads, you need one Google account. You don't just need this to create ads on AdWords. This is also helpful to enable effective monitoring. This is to use the free Google Analytics Service to be recommended. With this, in combination with AdWords, you can easily see which effects your Google Ads bring.

Google Keyword Advertising: You Define the Target Group!

The nice thing about Google Ads is that you can find your future Address clients specifically can. While the readership is the target group when advertising in a magazine, with AdWords it is possible to define exactly who sees the ad. Used cleverly, this reduces the Wastage the advertising measure. The latter means you can use your advertising budget more efficiently.

In order to be able to create an ad, you need to sign in to AdWords with your Google account. The service offers many Step-by-step instructions and explanations that make the operation understandable even for laypeople. There are four steps in total to your own ad:

  1. Campaign setting
  2. Create an ad group
  3. Create ad
  4. Check Google Ads

Campaign setting for Google Ads

But first you have to decide which one Campaign type You want to choose. Google offers different options for this. It is possible to advertise via the search engine on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), i.e. the page that is displayed to you when you have entered a keyword in the search, and via the display network.

That means your ad is on Third party websiteswhich advertising spaces have been defined via Google AdSense.

There is also advertising on YouTube or special offers for marketing apps. In law firm marketing, the options “display network” and “search network” are probably the most interesting. Also one Combination of both is possible with Google Ads.

In addition to the campaign type, you can also define in which country, region or city your ad should be shown. In addition to the language, there are also settings for planned budget to be entered.

That is also important Bid strategy Adapt to your needs. A number of factors determine whether your ad will show up in a search, because Google Ads is what you buy no fixed advertising space. Instead, you take part in an auction in which an algorithm decides on the placement and position of the advertisement.

However, you can influence this with the bid strategies and the setting of the budget. They also play performance and the relevance the content of the ad also plays a role.

What do Google Keyword Ads cost?

In contrast to ad space in magazines, Google has a flexible price for its ads that goes through supply and demand is determined. In principle, it is possible to limit the budget. How often your ad is seen depends heavily on the keywords you choose. Around low wastage a campaign should be constantly optimized.

Create ad groups

The next step is to define yours target group for the Google Ads. This is generally done using keywords. These are basically the keywords that users enter into the search engine.

Using the keyword tool provided by Google in AdWords, you can relevant search terms with a high search volume choose.

With Adwords, you then have to ten to twenty keywords enter.

Since Google Ads is an advertisement auction, there is highly competitive search terms and less popular catchwords. The latter are often cheaper. You can get an overview of the prices for the paid keywords in the keyword tool.

Create Google Ads

In the penultimate step you have the opportunity to using an editor Create your Google Ads. Depending on whether you want to place display advertising with banners or limit yourself to text ads, there are other options.

In the latter case, you can use the URL for your landing page, i.e. the page on which the visitors should land, and adjust the display title. In addition, a description must be entered. The displayed link can also be edited in order to be more appealing to possible clients if necessary.

To get an impression of your Google Ads, you can get a Show preview. With the view options you can choose between mobile and desktop format. Once entered, you can complete this step and review your ad. If you are satisfied, click on "Save and finish". Your ad is online.

Search Ads: You Need To Monitor The Campaigns And Learn!

A master has never fallen from the sky. If this is your first time running Google Ads, your goal should be to learn. To do this, you need to B. Observe with Google Analytics and at the end of it draw conclusions.

So-called AB testsin which you two similar variants switch and compare with each other. The display that works better will continue to be used.

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Google Ads: How Search Engine Advertising Works
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