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Claus Kleber's assets

What are Claus Kleber's assets and income?

Claus Kleber is a German television journalist who has been the defining face of “heute-journal” on Second German Television for over a decade. He also produces reports for ZDF and is considered the best-paid newsman on German television. You can find out below how high his income is and what assets Claus Kleber has.

Claus Kleber's current income

Kleber generates the major part of its annual income through the heute-journal. The ZDF does not officially publish the income of news anchors & Co., but the media presented figures of 320,000 - 600,000 euros per year. As the platform of the west reported, Kleber earns significantly more than ZDF director Thomas Bellut (who receives around 320,000 euros annually). Research by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which was picked up by official reports, is said to have confirmed a salary of around € 600,000. Claus Kleber's current salary is likely to have increased in the meantime, and the gross amount of 600,000 euros is still a good benchmark.

Past earnings and special features

Another report of the Süddeutsche emphasizes the high standing of Kleber, who deserves significantly more than colleagues like Marietta Slomka or Tom Buhrow. The paper compares it to American Anchormans, who earn millions of dollars a year. It is more difficult to estimate the additional income of Claus Kleber. For example, he produced documentaries such as “Die Bombe” in 2009, for which additional money may have flowed from ZDF. He was also the voice actor for a newscaster in the film "Despicable Me!" (“Minions”) and should have received a few thousand euros as a fee for this. Compared to his earnings from the heute-journal, this additional income can be seen as marginal.

Claus Kleber's estimated fortune

Based on the media reports mentioned, Kleber will have grossed at least 600,000 euros per year over the past decade. This would lead to net private wealth after taxes, duties and living costs of around 3 million euros. Kleber had been the moderator of heute-journal with a lower salary since 2003 and previously worked as a journalist for various media. Assuming that he now earns more than 600,000 euros and received attractive salaries over the years, another two to three million should be added. The estimate of his private wealth at currently 5 million euros seems realistic.


* Source: Own estimates, information in print and online media, company publications, government institutions and statistics