Why don't all rock bands stay united?

Rockförderverein: All Basel bands united on one database


The Basler Rockförderverein lists all of Basler's bands on its website. A service for musicians and fans - but also a platform to be discovered.

There was already a project to unite all Basel bands in one place on the Internet. "This Myspace page has been frozen for over a year," says Chrigel Fisch, spokesman for RFV Basel. Myspace has drastically lost users and also rearranged the page, with which the list was lost.

Now the RFV has created its own database of as many bands from Basel and the region as possible on its “Bands of Basel” website. The Basel musicians connect over 800 links on their websites and social media. In terms of private websites alone, the list includes 334 formations, and a similar number are represented on Facebook. Around half also have an MX3 account, where audio samples are also stored. “The database is unique in Switzerland to this extent,” says Fisch. He expects that this will increase again significantly in the coming months, because numerous bands are reporting.

Who wouldn't want to be on the list that reads like the who's who of the Basel music scene - even if not by genre at all, but sorted alphabetically. The rappers from Brandhärd are represented as well as the metallers from Zatokrev. Numerous DJs and artists from the electronics sector are also new. The list is not only aimed at musicians and their fans: "We often receive inquiries from organizers who want to look around for bands," says Fisch.

Alternatively, the RFV also operates a YouTube channel on which the best-known videos of Basel artists are collected. Newcomers also get a chance there: Videos that have not yet cracked the 15,000 clicks mark are also included in a playlist, the so-called waiting list.