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Wanderlust definition: when it grabs you

Nobody less than Prince Pückler-Muskau, whom many nowadays only associate with ice cream, is said to be the creator of the word wanderlust. The feeling is that Longing for another place, already much older. Although the term appears literally neither in Schiller nor in Goethe, you will have known the feeling.

The following are from Goethe's prose writing “Campaign in France” Words handed downwith which he remembers the year 1792:

I would like to call this a reverse homesickness, a longing for space instead of tightness.

A German invention?

It seems like the Germans always have wanderlust. It is not for nothing that we are considered a nation that loves to travel.

From a historical and cultural point of view, it is no coincidencethat terms like Homesickness, wanderlust and alternatively also Wanderlust rarely have exact equivalents in other languages ​​and cultures. Often they find their way into other languages ​​as Germanisms.

They were created in the age of romanticism. This epoch is characteristic of you Retreat into the private sphere, Homely, because many citizens were politically frustrated. While other countries were already nations, Germany still suffered from small states.

In some cases there were up to 37 independent states and duchies in this country - all with their own currencies, laws (for example with regard to religious freedom) and customs duties. Many willingly directed their longing to other countries and cultures that understood it better.

Countless films are about wanderlust, play with the Longing for the distance. But what exactly is wanderlust? The Duden describes wanderlust as a “longing for faraway places, for distant lands” and suggests “wanderlust” as a synonym. But somehow wanderlust sounds comparatively mundane.

You can also feel like having a kebab - wanderlust means a lot more. It stands for a deep need, almost a need. After all, wanderlust contains the noun “woe”, what for emotional pain and suffering stands. The translation alone reveals the whole drama, which also reflects the age of romanticism.

Illness or Exaggeration?

The only thing that can alleviate the pain and suffering from wanderlust is yourself to make the journeyto dive into other countries and cultures, to leave home regions behind. Of course, it's nice at home too, it's familiar. But the distance is more attractive and is in contrast to homesickness.

Another synonym for wanderlust is travel bug. The term approximates what some apparently perceive as an illness: the feeling of boredom, restlessness and restlessness. It should be exchanged for Freedom, new experiences, People, wind in your hair, sun on your nose.

It all sounds very nice at first, but if you take a closer look, it all comes at a certain price. If you get wanderlust and if you are never at home or no longer have a home, you are on the Escape from yourself.

Behind it is usually the desire, all the problems and To leave the worries of everyday life behindto just pack up your things and leave. There is therefore often a feeling of suffering when it comes to wanderlust that those affected do not even need to be aware of.

There is no need to mess with the local ones To grapple with realities, everything remains very non-binding and not very intensive. And before you can ponder too long, new impressions come from new trips.

The downsides of constant flight

Contacts cannot go deeper at first, because the next farewell is already imminent. That's a typical one Side effect of constant mobility.

Describe passionate travel bloggers Wanderlust as a virusthat they became infected with. In fact, it sounds more like an addiction if this hunger for new impressions, new cultures and lifestyles can only be satisfied by traveling.

According to youth researcher Philipp Ikrath, the wanderlust of young Germans reflects one certain conflict again. This is probably related to the possibilities that younger generations have nowadays: A certain pressure of expectation builds up to realize oneself. Therefore, the members of Generation Y are always on the go.

The constant acting out of wanderlust leads to downright depression for some: After their vacation, they return home, to the same office desk, with the same colleagues, the same daily routine, the same apartment and the same friends.

Where until recently was another Fireworks of impressions stimulated synapses is now gray workday. No wonder that more sensitive minds then fall into a hole.

Where does wanderlust come from?

Wanderlust is not synonymous with that Desire for vacation. Because some people are downright scared at the idea of ​​taking long journeys, having to do without the comfort they are used to somewhere in a foreign country and possibly not even being able to communicate.

Others, on the other hand, grab the next plane - as far away as possible from everything local. Escape from problems may be one reason, but it is by no means the only one. Researchers have one Gene identified, which could be the reason why some people feel so strong wanderlust, while others do not.

This is the so-called DRD4-7R gene, also known as Wanderlust gene is known. A few years ago, an article in National Geographic took up the research results of various scientists who looked at the mutation of the DRD4 gene.

This gene is for that Dopamine committee jointly responsible. Dopamine, on the other hand, is also known as the “reward gene” - when we have achieved something, it is released and we feel good. DRD4-7R is a variant of this gene and appears to enhance certain personal traits such as:

  • Thirst for adventure
  • curiosity
  • restlessness
  • Risk taking

Not all people carry this gene. Researchers estimate that around 20 percent of the population have this gene and thus the constant feeling of wanderlust. However, there are also enough objections that the gene alone can hardly be decisive.

The Psychology and sociology have long known that character traits such as openness and a thirst for research are significantly shaped in early childhood and contribute to how a person develops.

The 10 best jobs for globetrotters

Have you ever been to Mongolia? But you would definitely like to go there, wouldn't you? After all, we Germans are not only exporters, but also Travel world champion.

It doesn't have to be Asian steppes. Some long for tropical sandy beaches or sparkling metropolises, but how do you get there? Constant travel is not cheap. But if you feel the wanderlust again, you don't even need to book a sinfully expensive trip. On the contrary. It is enough to take up the right job.

So we went looking for the best jobs for travel enthusiasts made. For jobs in which globetrotters are in good hands. Jobs that keep chasing you from A to B. In which a high willingness to travel is at the top of the requirement profile.

Who knows, maybe it's not too late to join or change ...

  • camera operator

    If it is not quite enough to become an actor, director or showmaster, the way to the film and TV sets of this world doesn’t have to be blocked. Because: Somebody has to hold the camera at the “Bachelor” in L.A. or “The Biggest Loser” in Andalusia. Or maybe it’s going straight to Hollywood ...

  • Interpreter

    Most interpreters sit unspectacularly in courts and authorities. But of course they are always needed where many people and languages ​​meet. For example at international conferences. Or in the entourage of a high-ranking politician who is constantly on business trips. Sooner or later the job will definitely take you to Brussels and Strasbourg. The density of interpreters there is particularly high in view of the resident EU institutions.

  • engineer

    Anyone who introduces themselves abroad as a “German engineer” can be as good as certain that their interlocutor will be appreciated. German engineering is still a synonym for quality, worldwide. And, depending on the company, industry and specialization, opens the door for you to pull up the oil production tower in Abu Dhabi, the new US plant in Chattanooga or the wind turbine in China as an expat.

  • cook

    As a good cook, you'll find accommodation on a cruise ship. Or at a vacation resort in Acapulco. Maybe even in a five-star hotel in Manhattan. In addition, the travel industry, quite logically, offers many other fields of activity for globetrotters: there is always a need for lively animators, cocktail-mixing bar people or multilingual receptionists for the hotel reception.

  • Long-distance bus driver

    The country needs new drivers, the market is on the move. The German long-distance bus providers, who have been roaring across the country for around two years and stealing market share from Deutsche Bahn, are already planning to expand into neighboring countries. Admittedly, you won't get to Angkor Wat as a bus driver. But it's also nice within Europe. But if the old continent is too narrow for you, you have to think about the classic jobs of pilot and stewardess.

  • athlete

    Melbourne today, Flushing Meadows tomorrow. If you have athletic talent (and the corresponding ambition), you will see a lot of the world as a tennis ace. Also as a professional golfer, soccer player, marathon runner. Or, if you are running out of talent, as a talent scout who scrutinizes and woos hopeful players. In the meantime, 14-year-olds are already obliged to leave the training ground (which is morally very questionable, of course).

  • Politician

    If the title chancellor, minister or member of parliament sticks to your lapel, you can usually not complain about a lack of hospitality. And enjoy competent travel guides everywhere. Afterwards, you can gild your career while traveling, for example as a keynote speaker at elite events. Best examples: Joschka Fischer and Bill Clinton. What if the Bundestag is a size too big? Then just start as the mayor of your hometown - and represent them at business, marketing and real estate fairs around the world, at congresses and meetings and when visiting various partner cities.

  • Travel blogger

    There are a lot of them now. And some travel blogs also seem to be financially viable. In any case, the blogger career enables location-independent work and requires regular trips around the world. Alternatives: photographer, ARD correspondent, journalist. As a classic print writer, keyword media crisis, you probably provoke loud laughter for the editorial team when asked about the travel budget.

  • Business consultant

    Here, of course, the customer portfolio is decisive, whether the plane takes you far out or the train to Gütersloh is just waiting. For most business consultants, however, an increased willingness to travel is a prerequisite in any case. The same applies to auditors, auditors and SAP consultants.

  • Poker player

    As a professional bluffer, you can clear away really big amounts. Especially suitable for people who like Las Vegas. Major poker tournaments are still held in the Nevada desert. And there the German Pius Heinz won a million prize money as world champion in 2011. You can decide for yourself whether a poker player is a real profession or a semi-silly hobby.

But not emigrate? Tips for more variety

Those who constantly dream of distant countries fuel the desire for more - unfortunately, traveling cannot always be realized, not everyone has a travel blogger.

The job search is not always successful or the ties back home are stronger. No need to mop up, we have tips for a little stranger at home:

  • images

    Sometimes that's enough Reach on the bookshelfto send your thoughts on a journey. A beautiful illustrated book or a book on historical backgrounds can create images in front of the inner eye and stimulate the imagination for the next vacation.

  • variety

    Most of the time we sleep in our bed after all, the same night after night. How about grabbing your sleeping bag on a mild summer night and putting it under free starry sky camp? Most of the time, you don't need to travel too far, a short weekend trip can work wonders.

  • eat

    Each country kitchen has its own typical dishes and spices. Bring distant lands home by cooking exotic dishes.

  • Souvenirs

    How about one little ritual: Bring a souvenir for yourself from every trip, a little something from the place where you have been. For example, design a room or a corner in the apartment accordingly: As a Scotland fan you can hang up posters from the Highlands, maybe you have a bagpipe as a Wall decorations, small Scottish accessories.

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