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Bruce Jenner featured on cover of "Vanity Fair" : Caitlyn Jenner breaks world record on Twitter

After confessing to his transsexuality, TV starlet Kim Kardashian's former stepfather Bruce Jenner was photographed as a woman for the cover of US magazine "Vanity Fair". Jenner posed on the pictures published on Monday by star photographer Annie Leibovitz in a white corsage and shoulder-length hair. "Call Caitlyn," said the 65-year-old with his new name. The print edition of "Vanity Fair" is due to appear next Tuesday.

On the online service Twitter Jenner wrote: "Welcome to the world, Caitlyn. Can't wait for you to get to know her / me." Jenner came out as a transsexual in April. "I am a woman," said the former Olympic decathlon champion in an interview with the US television station ABC. Even as a child he was "confused" about his sexual identity. "Here I am, a girl stuck in a boy's body."

“Bruce always had to tell a lie. He lived this lie, ”said the 65-year-old in the video. “Caitlyn has no secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fair cover is out, I'm free. ”However, being addressed as a woman is still unfamiliar. She recently met a man and used to introduce herself with "Hi, I'm Bruce". "And then I: oh no, it's not Bruce, I screwed it up."

"What have I done to myself?"

Jenner said she had a panic attack after an operation that made her face look more feminine in March: “What did I do to myself?” She thought. This thought did not come back afterwards. She doesn't want to have to lie on her death bed one day and say, “You've wasted your whole life. You have never dealt with yourself. ”That will no longer happen.

Jenner won Olympic gold in the decathlon in 1976 and then tried his hand at acting. Jenner starred in the reality soap "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as the stepfather of Kim Kardashian and her sisters. He is now divorced from Kim's mother, Kris. Jenner has two daughters together with her, Kendall and Kyle. The Kardashians have been stuck in the gossip columns for years.

It took two days for star photographer Annie Leibovitz to have all the pictures in the box. Jenner compared that time to winning the 1976 Olympics: "That was a good day, but the last few days have been better." Apparently, few magazine staff knew about the article written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Buzz Bissinger. According to information from the "New York Times", the text was kept on a computer in a locked room. Bissinger told the newspaper that he had exclusive access to Jenner. "It was a kind of journalism that doesn't really exist anymore." Allegedly, the magazine did not have to make any concessions in terms of content.

Jenner's new Twitter account was followed by a million users after just four hours - a world record, as reported by "Guiness World Records". When US President Barack Obama started his Twitter account, it took him five hours to read the millions.

Jenner immediately received a lot of support via Twitter. Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett wrote: "The brave decision to live as the real you is a powerful example for so many." Designer Zac Posen advised: "Be yourself and feel wonderful." Kim Kardashian cheered: "How beautiful! Be happy, be proud, live your life your way." "Thank you for being a part of all of our lives and for using your stage to change the way people think," tweeted Lady Gaga. Singer Anastacia welcomed the "lovable lady". (rok, AFP, dpa)

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