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13 online food and restaurant companies powered by Ecwid [2021]

Perhaps your restaurant was one of those stationary occasions. The kind of restaurant that kept it low tech and didn't feel the need to get your business on the world wide web. Even so, we guess 2020 changed your mind. With the world upside down, restaurants had to act quickly. Online ordering quickly became an important lifeline for business continuity. And just like that, a new era began.

According to Statista, sales of the Online Food Delivery segment surpassed $ 135 billion in 2020 and is projected to skip $ 182 billion in 2024. If you're still wondering whether it's worth getting your grocery store online, take that as a sign. It's time to take a step. And to drive the point further home, we'd like you on a (virtual) tour of Ecwid retailers who protected their stores from the pandemic and rocked the restaurant's e-commerce section.

Take inspiration from some great examples from the online restaurant community and join the club. We promise it's easy, painless, and easy with Ecwid, and it will leave you with #noregrets.

Strengthen the diet

Founded in 2016, Empower Nutrition is a young New Jersey company with a simple goal: "To help everyone create a healthier lifestyle, one person at a time." Emedin Rivera (or Em) believes that a healthy lifestyle begins with serving healthy foods, fresh juices, refreshing smoothies, delicious açaí bowls, and a wide range of nutritional supplements. Delicious and Nutritious? What more could anyone ask for?


“I created Klean for two simple reasons: I love food and I like to help people,” says Kiki Heinzer. As the daughter of a Mexican mother and a Texan father, Culturally diverse dining has been a core value of Kiki's family and a part of their history from day one. So it makes sense that she eventually decided to start her own grocery store. Together with her husband (an exercise physiologist and personal trainer), they designed a menu, kept their fingers crossed, and started in 2012. And as you can see, Klean is still growing!

Nuclear dairy

Located in Newport Beach, CA, Atomic Creamery has become a destination for friends, families, special occasions. It's a place to collect, and be true to yourself by the simple joy of ice cream - with a twist. Atomic Creamery's ice cream is powered exclusively by liquid nitrogen (hence the name!). Atomic's philosophy is "keep it fresh, keep it premium, keep it unique."

ANNA Cake Couture

The team at ANNA, a "Cake Couture" studio and café in Bristol, UK, have created a range of contemporary cake designs for every occasion. From birthdays to baby showers, everything is handmade with love and passion. Incredible decorations are at the heart of ANNA's cake. Visit the cozy ANNA café and indulge in a delicious cup of coffee while you watch the team of cake designers at work, or order one of their masterpieces online and bring these delicious treats into your own home.

Fischer Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Fishermen have the freshest ingredients, and this family restaurant located on a beautiful pier in San Clemente, California is no exception. Here, diners can sample fresh omelets, crab, fish, oysters, pasta, clams, and a range of smaller snacks in the fading light of a California sunset. And end the day with a glass of wine and a pleasant conversation.

Pond turtle restaurant

Josh Kroner, head chef and owner of the Terrapin restaurant in Rhinebeck, NEW, has made it his business to offer his guests a wonderfully unique dining experience. Whether it's a quiet dinner for two or a large family gathering, Terrapin will envelop you in their warm yet inviting surroundings. Since 1998, Josh has served guests his unique style of New American cuisine, a blend of a classic French approach and influences from Asia, Italy, and the American Southwest. Order offline and online possible.

Seasonal meal (EIGHT)

Born out of a love of fine dining and fitness, seasonal meal prep began in the town of Fullerton, has grown to become the exclusive health and diet food prep service for busy people in Orange County and Los Angeles. FitChef Joe, creator of in-season meal preparation, has developed a comprehensive healthy menu that ensures customers are motivated to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Healthy, practical, delicious” is the philosophy behind this grocery store. Overcome your obstacles and fuel your cause with On-Season Meal.

Cookie Dough Cafe

For Joan and Julia, it all started with a childhood love for cookie dough. You still remember the days in your kitchen, you stood on chairs and watched as your mother conjured up a lot of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Years later, the two sisters are still cooking with their mother - on professional equipment (and without the chairs). Every spoon on the Cookie Dough Cafe menu is designed to take you back in time to your childhood and special times spent in the kitchen with family and friends.

Colorado Craft Butchers

Colorado Craft Butchers, run by Tyson Holzheimer, works with small farms and ranches to bridge the farmer-consumer gap. They work hard to find you that particular steak, chop, or offal that you are looking for and dry your meat, so don't hesitate to get in touch with any special requests!

Remington-Lott Farms

Remington-Lott Farms is a family business in Canton, Mississippi, selling dry aged beef. Family owned, this business is community driven and locally responsible. That's why their beef is always hormone-free. The cattle graze and eat hay grown on site on certain diets developed by a local nutritionist while they were still living in the pasture. “From our farm to your table,” Remington-Lott Farms owns the entire production process unlike large grocery chains that buy third-party products. If you are in Mississippi looking for a supplier of beef that is made with integrity, you have found it.

168 Go fresh

Do you like asian cuisine? Of course you do! But have you ever tried to cook it yourself ?? Yes? Then you know how difficult it can be to find authentic ingredients. A regular supermarket cannot help you find what you are looking for. That's where 168 Go Fresh offers an array of authentic Asian ingredients for cooking a roast duck or marinated beef tendon. Don't have time to cook yourself? You can buy their ready-to-eat foods and enjoy your Asian meal without preparation.

Ruggies breakfast and lunch

Ruggie's is a local Harwich, Massachusetts restaurant that serves sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, burgers, and chicken online and offline. “Excellent staff, great food, great prices, nice atmosphere,” This is what customers say about Ruggies. For you, Breakfast at Ruggie has become a best habit!

Creative cheesecake collection

Michiganian Pastry Chef Relle founded the Creative Cheesecake Collection in December 2011. She started making chocolate-coated strawberries, oreo, pretzels, and later decided to focus her attention on cheesecake. Today Creative Cheesecake offers offerings of 25 flavors of fresh homemade cheesecake. At 29, Relle is a mother of two and a successful business owner, inspired by what she does and confident about the future.

We hope these examples have inspired you to get your grocery or restaurant business online. Our dealers love Ecwid for many things, but mostly for its simplicity. Ecwid isn't another headache solution that you need to master in order to sell groceries online. On the other hand, we do our best to make your business grow effortlessly.

You can take your restaurant business online with Ecwid regardless of size, geography, or business model (in-house or delivery). It is ready for almost any challenge. Even if you can't afford to sit in front of your computer and manage your online business, Ecwid has a store management app for iOS and Android that you can use to sell groceries online wherever you are.