How can I learn to massage

Learn to massage properly

Which massages are suitable for home use?

Basically, you can say that pretty much every massage is suitable for at home. Everything that is perceived as pleasant is allowed and recommended. You don't even have to learn a special massage. Everyone can gently stroke and knead the body and everyone knows how pleasant and beautiful something like this is. Especially when two partners massage each other. With this form of massage, you should ensure that the counter-massage is not carried out until the next day, otherwise the relaxation effect on the first partner is usually gone again, because a massage is quite a strenuous affair.

An exception is the tantra massage, where you can massage each other. You can also give each other a foot reflexology massage on the sofa in the evening. The nice thing about it is that you are massaged and massaged at the same time.
However, such a massage should be learned correctly, as the stimulation of the reflex zones affects the entire body.

Otherwise you are completely free to decide which massage you want to learn.

Where can you learn massage?

There are several options here:

The first is to buy a book on the subject of the massage you want. The advantage is that you can learn to massage properly when you want or you can look up again later on how to do it properly or if you want to integrate new elements into the massage. The disadvantage here, however, is that errors creep in very quickly because you weren't shown it.

The next option is the internet.
There are a number of websites, including this one, that are dedicated to massages. On the one hand, before you learn a massage, you can first find out about the various types of massage and decide on the most suitable one. The instructions on these pages are usually very detailed and in case of doubt you can consult several websites and form an opinion on what is right or wrong.

The best option is to be trained by an experienced masseur. Everything important is shown here and the teacher can correct any mistakes immediately. The disadvantage, however, is that such courses are quite expensive in most cases. But if you want to learn to massage properly, this is money well spent. The knowledge you have acquired can also be passed on to your partner at home. This saves the costs of a second course.

The trade also has a large selection of massage articles. There are balls, spheres and various other devices that can be used to work on individual parts of the body. But this type of massage should also be learned properly.

Last revised: May 7, 2021