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Is it worth visiting Sephora Munich?

Sephora is new in Germany, so far with exactly two store-in-stores in Munich and Bonn. Since many still do not know that the perfumery chain is back in Germany, here are a few impressions from the branch in Munich in the Galeria Kaufhof.

Some brands that were previously only available abroad are now available here, even if it takes time for all of the planned branches to open throughout Germany.

Kat from D
Lipsticks and complexion are the main focus of this brand. The colors are always very intense and colorful. The complexion products are heavily designed for coverage and contouring.

Becca relies on everything to do with the complexion. The highlighters are cult and worth the money. Foundations, blushes and correctors complete the offer.

Marc Jacobs
A full range that inspires with great packaging design. The colors are mostly classic to reserved. This counter was by far the emptyest and there were no lipsticks at all.

Make Up For Ever
MUFE, abbreviated, relies particularly on HD effects, with make-up but still without make-up. Durability and naturalness are very important. In the MUFE range you will find everything for a complete look.

I was there for about 30 minutes and at no point was this counter not besieged. Most of the products were out of stock and the displays empty, although there is only a small range.

In addition to these brands mentioned, there is also Too Faced on site, which are known for their eyeshadow palettes, blushes and highlighters. Tucked away at the back, this counter was still fully stocked except for a more affordable eyeshadow palette.

Personal care that I didn't know before. Scrubs, shower cream, body butter can be found.

Various collections of special sizes or small-scale products can be found on every back and small wall. But product lines of high-end brands are also repeated. If a color on a counter is out of stock, take a look at the small displays on the sides.

Korean beauty brand that has become known for its funny packaging for everything to do with care. The sheet masks are also among the well-known products.

Skin food
Maybe you know some of you too. You can find masks, cleansing and skin care here.

Most of the area is taken over by Sephora and the Sephora Collection. There are no differences between the range in Germany and abroad. Body care and facial care are represented as well as a huge selection of decorative cosmetics with a comprehensive selection of colors. There are also matching tools such as brushes & Co.

At first I found the space in the middle of a Galeria Kaufhof to be a bit small. But if you look at the multitude of brands, it is very attractive to want to browse. I found it extremely disappointing, however, how the counters and the testers looked, even though the employees were very active on the area and kept everything in order. I was not advised a single time in 30 minutes, but I was also able to do whatever I wanted undisturbed.

The empty counters were a different matter. Here Sephora was probably surprised by the interest and cannot provide sufficient supplies.

I was also disappointed that despite a purchase worth 150 €, there wasn't a single goodie (just like when ordering online).

As much as the hype and interest is, if the empty counters continue to look like this and the products are still difficult to get to, I am curious to see how long the customers will remain loyal to Sephora. Because how often do you need an expensive palette or a € 40 foundation? But I am very curious to see how the Sephora will be received in a smaller city than Munich.



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