What is saturated pressure

2.3.0 Saturated water vapor

If water is heated at constant pressure, its temperature rises until evaporation begins. This evaporation temperature depends on the pressure acting on the water surface. The amount of heat supplied (until the evaporation temperature is reached) is used exclusively to increase the temperature. If additional heat is supplied, the temperature does not rise any further at first; it is only required for the conversion of the water into the vapor phase. The resulting steam is called saturated steam or saturated steam.

At standard pressure p0= 1.013 bar, the evaporation temperature is t = 100 ° C. At p0> 1.013 bar it is higher and at p0<1.013 bar it will be less than 100 ° C. For each print p0is therefore a certain boiling point tsassigned.

As Liquid heat qthe amount of heat required to heat 1kg of water from 0 ° C to the boiling point tsis required.

The Heat of evaporation ris the amount of heat that is required to disperse 1 kg of water with the boiling point tsto pass over into the vapor phase.

The Generation heatof saturated steam is the sum of the heat of the liquid q and the heat of evaporation r.

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