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Deloitte Global CIO Survey: Austrian IT departments have strategic deficits

Vienna (OTS) -The Deloitte Global CIO Survey 2018 shows: The domestic IT departments differ significantly from the rest of Europe. In addition to the different thematic priorities, the role of the Austrian CIOs stands out from the international average. A lack of customer orientation, a poorly developed error culture and the inadequate strategic integration of technology in companies indicate that there is a need to catch up.

As part of the CIO Survey, the consulting firm Deloitte surveyed 1,437 executives worldwide, most of them Chief Information Officers (CIOs), about their business environment, their own company and their understanding of their roles. Austria is also one of the 71 countries examined. It shows that domestic IT departments have different priorities than the rest of Europe.

“The Austrian CIOs are strategically lagging behind. The modernization of the existing systems or topics such as cyber security, data security and compliance take up most of the time for IT managers. International future topics such as digitization and analytics are being neglected ”, explains Bernhard Göbl, Director at Deloitte Austria.

Lack of focus on customers

Austria deviates significantly from the international trend, especially when it comes to digital activities. Issues such as customer loyalty, customer journeys and customer growth are being promoted across Europe. In this country there is no special customer focus. The domestic CIOs try to meet customer expectations on a more technical level by means of appropriate portals, platforms and advertising. “A customer-oriented IT orientation offers great added value for companies and employees. Apparently, this has not yet been recognized sufficiently in Austria, ”said Göbl.

Expert role instead of managerial responsibility

There are also differences with regard to the understanding of roles. While the European CIOs see their positive influence on people inside and outside the company as a central criterion for successful leadership, in Austria this is only an issue for 11% of the respondents. For 57% of domestic CIOs, solving complex problems is more important, 45% rely on continuous learning.

“Austrian IT managers see themselves primarily as experts and less as managers. Accordingly, it is not surprising that suitable skills are also expected from IT staff. Service orientation and system-oriented thinking are much more important to the Austrian CIOs in their team than leadership behavior or negotiating skills, ”analyzes Bernhard Göbl.

Hardly any pronounced error culture

A healthy error culture has not yet established itself in Austria. The CIO Survey confirms this. According to the respondents, others are primarily to blame for errors: 56% of domestic IT managers justify failed projects with the complex system technology, 54% blame external partners. The source of error is only perceived sporadically in one's own team. Other countries deal more openly with errors and benefit from the resulting optimization processes.

Unused strategic potential of technology

The domestic IT departments are not only pursuing a different direction than their international counterparts. The Austrian CIOs also know too little about the strategic direction and business goals of the company. Where they are confident of making an assessment, performance, customer loyalty and growth are not of great importance. Instead, innovation plays a major role for 57%. However, this rarely refers to a strategic realignment, but rather only to new products and services.

“From the point of view of the CIOs, technology is primarily used by the local managing directors to save costs. Internationally, on the other hand, there is much more emphasis on revenue-generating projects. Austrian companies should urgently work in close strategic coordination with their IT department on the expansion and further development of the business fields, ”emphasizes Deloitte expert Bernhard Göbl.

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