When do the OCJP exams take place

Oracle Certified Associate Exam Where To Take?


So far I have only seen companies that offer a course and then take the exam.

This is normal as far as you get another crash course on all relevant topics that are dealt with in the exam. I only know something like that in the way that there is a company-internal tender that you can respond to if you want to participate and then go to such a seminar with a few colleagues if necessary. I guess what you mean are the seminar providers.

I think I can do it easily without such a course.

It depends on how long you have been dealing with Java and how “interlocked” the individual subject areas are in your head. For example, I've been hooked on Java as a hobby for a good 10 years, but it's all just small bits from large subject groups. I think I would still rush through the exam even with a course like this without realizing why.

Can you just take the exam? If yes, where?

Hmm, if you have the money to pay a corresponding examiner and the fees to Oracle, it would be a goodwill matter of Oracle whether they leave the exam to an individual or whether there is a certain minimum number for groups. Ergo one would have to address the question to Oracle directly. But believe me: it shouldn't be cheap.

Otherwise: what do you want with such a Cert? Much of what is being dealt with is of a fairly theoretical nature and is rarely used in practice, if only for the reason that in practice, for reasons of time and money, one prefers to use ready-made libs instead of implementing the corresponding ones yourself. A Cert doesn't say much. Only: “Joar, here, I passed the theory test.”. Good, but whether you ever need something of it again in your life or whether it is relevant to your tasks ... well, you don't know anything about it.