How bad is it to drink milkshake

can you take a shake drink in the evening?

Hi Guys!

I actually always eat the same thing. It has always been like that, even in kindergarten I wanted to eat the same thing every day. I am not picky, actually eat everything (I was in the orphanage in Africa for 4 months and only ate potato stuff, vegetables and milk there ^^) and I am satisfied with everything.

I do artistic gymnastics twice a week, weight training twice a week and endurance once a week (studying sports). Otherwise I just sit in front of the PC or at university and learn!

But now that everyone is so crazy about their diet, I've also started to worry about whether what I'm eating is actually healthy! Paleo yes or no - carbohydrates yes or no? I just need it, I always have to be able to take my stuff with me to university (no money to go out to eat every day)

I have to say that unfortunately I can't eat any fruit or raw vegetables, it gives me stomach pain and gas. So I can only eat both cooked and only in moderation!

I want to keep my weight with my diet, get all the nutrients I need and get enough protein to build / maintain muscle.

I am 1.62 m tall and weigh 52 kg!

Here is my meal plan:


Cappuccino, 2 slices of protein bread, herb spread, ham, Emmentaler cheese, 1 banana or Cappuccino, 100 grams of oat flakes, some milk, 1 banana or Cappuccino, 3 eggs + 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1 banana

Noon (before training): 250gr curd cheese, 2 spoons of strawberry yoghurt, 20gr sweetened muesli + 20gr oat flakes, some milk mixed into a shake, 1 banana

Snack: very different, but something with almost 400kcal, e.g. nuts, fruit, ice cream, chocolate pudding, ...

Eve: 200 g meat (turkey, pork, beef), 150 g whole grain rice / quinoa / potatoes, 150 g frozen vegetables, ketchup dessert: Chocolate pudding or cocoa

I get an estimated 1800-1900kcal with it and feel good with it. My blood count is also ok.

But is that really healthy? What do you all mean?