What are the basics of applied linguistics

Applied linguistics is a branch of linguistics and deals with the description, explanation and solution of linguistic and practical social problems (Knapp, Antos: Angewandte Linguistik. Ein Lehrbuch, S. XVI). It examines linguistic behavior in social practice and how the knowledge gained from it can be used in practice.

The fields of study in applied linguistics include, among others,

  • Language acquisition
  • Speech therapy
  • Language lessons
  • Foreign language teaching and intercultural communication
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Technical language and terminology. (taken from the GAL website)

Applied linguistics also deals with communication in institutions and media, such as B. Justice, administration, politics, economy, technical communication and communication with the new media (GAL).

Exemplary questions in applied linguistics are

  • What scientific principles can guide action in practice?
  • How can new concepts be developed and improvements achieved?
  • How are communication tasks carried out in institutions and the media, and what problems do they cause? How can they be solved? (taken from the GAL website)

In general, it can be summarized that applied linguistics deals with the description and management of practical communication phenomena and problems (Knapp, Antos: Angewandte Linguistik. Ein Lehrbuch, S. XVI). In doing so, she uses general linguistic methods and knowledge, which she however expands for her own benefit; it also develops new methods and theoretical concepts as it has to refer to other disciplines.


Applied Linguistics @ Gerd Antos

Gerd Antos' activities in the field of applied linguistics are extensive and varied. Together with Karlfried Knapp, he is the editor of Applied Linguistics. A textbook and the Handbook of Applied Linguistics, a series of manuals, each volume of which is devoted to one aspect of applied linguistics.

Gerd Antos has been involved in applied linguistics since the 1980s. He devoted himself to various aspects:

Gerd Antos' achievements in the field of applied linguistics are also evident through his activities in the Society for Applied Linguistics. From 1984 to 1986 he was deputy head of the "Psycholinguistics" section, from 1986 to 1988 treasurer and from 1988 to 1992 section head, from 1994 to 1996 deputy president, from 1996 to 1998 again treasurer and finally from 1998 to 2002 president of the GAL.

On the occasion of his 60th birthday in 2009, Gerd Antos' achievements in the field of applied linguistics were honored with an international scientific colloquium entitled "Auf gut Deutsch" on January 29/30, 2009 in Halle / Saale. A protocol of the "Applied Linguistics" round table can be viewed here.


Publications and others

Selected publications:

Antos, Gerd (Ed. 2008 - 2018): Handbooks of Applied Linguistics [HAL]. Communication Competence, Language and Communication Problems, Practical Solutions. Mouton de Gruyter: Berlin, New York.

Antos, Gerd et al. (Ed.): Journal for Applied Linguistics (ZfAL). (Editing ended)

Antos, Gerd; Knapp, Karlfried (2008): Applied Linguistics. A textbook. Tübingen: Francke.

Selected lectures:

2004 "Smoking causes fatal lung cancer". The contribution of applied linguistics to "linguistic self-enlightenment". Colloquium: What is "Linguistic Enlightenment"? Speech perceptions between system trust and user care. University of Siegen.

2002 What is applied linguistics today? 33rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Linguistics - "Researching and imparting linguistic skills". University of Cologne.

2002 German studies and applied linguistics, or on the problem of the need for immanence and the need for interaction between neighboring scientific disciplines. Symposium: Literary Studies and Linguistics from 1960 to Today. Marbach.

1985 On the relationship between language acquisition and acquisition of action. Using the example of links and links. Conference "Child Language Research". Dortmund.

Additional Information:

Society for Applied Linguistics