Which is the fastest autofocus


The new Alpha 6000 from Sony breaks new records: It has the fastest autofocus of all system cameras with APS-C sensor, currently has the most autofocus points compared to other APS-C sensor cameras with interchangeable lenses and also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of image quality. The newly developed 24.2 megapixel Exmor sensor in APS-C format also records videos with 4K resolution.

The Alpha 6000 from Sony is getting reinforcements: In future, the Alpha 6300 will fill the free space next to it in the photo bag. One of the main differences between the two sisters: Thanks to the "4D FOCUS" system, the new Alpha 6300 can capture every object in front of the camera in a record time of 0.05 seconds. No comparable APS-C camera can do this faster. In addition, the photographer and camera can rely on 425 phase autofocus points, which in future will cover the entire sensor surface. The same applies here: no comparable camera can access information from so many autofocus helpers. With eleven frames per second, the Alpha 6300 also adjusts the sharpness of moving objects and continuously adjusts the exposure. These are also top values ​​on the camera market.

The new Alpha 6300 is also better on the move when it comes to sensors and viewfinders. The new 24.2 megapixel Exmor APS-C sensor reads image data extremely quickly. This enables a continuous live image in the digital viewfinder or on the LCD screen with up to eight images per second. Without any time delay, the Alpha 6300's viewfinder can easily compete with classic optical viewfinders. Sony uses new copper wires for the new sensor. This increases the efficiency of the sensor in capturing light and increases the speed of data transport. The BIONZ X processor has new algorithms for image processing and thus tickles all of the detailed information from the sensor. Together, the sensor and processor keep the image noise at a consistently low level. Details are also retained, especially in the medium ISO sensitivity levels. That is why the sensor and processor stand for the best image results between ISO 100 and 51,200 in photo mode. In video mode it ends at 25,600.

Just like its sister model Alpha 6000, the Alpha 6300 primarily stands for first-class autofocus. "4D FOCUS" is the keyword for both models. The perfect mix between ultra-fast phase autofocus and extremely precise contrast autofocus points is the secret of the success of the fast hybrid autofocus system. In 0.05 seconds, the camera captures every moving object in front of the lens - and never lets it out of its sight. After all, the 425 phase autofocus points cover almost the entire viewfinder.

For the first time, Sony has integrated a new AF tracking technology into a camera. Even small objects are recognized faster and more reliably due to the high density of the AF points and always remain in focus. Once a dog, athlete or bird has been captured by the camera, it activates various autofocus points in the vicinity of the object and can thus better follow fast movements. Particularly in connection with series image recordings of eleven photos per second or eight images in the uninterrupted "Live View" mode, the focus is always 100% in the desired position.

The 425 phase autofocus points with improved tracking and accuracy are also fully available when the Alpha 6300 is used together with SAM or SSM A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 adapter. No other APS-C camera from Sony has this capability to date.

The "Silent Shooting" mode, which is valued by various Alpha 7 cameras and allows the Alpha 6300 to work completely silently, an AF magnification mode and various autofocus modes ("expanded flexible spot AF", "Eye AF" in AF-C mode, etc.) .) round off the flexibility of the camera in terms of autofocus performance.

When it comes to video, the Alpha 6300 is also stepping up digital. Recordings in 4K with full pixel readout without "pixel binning" in Super 35mm format are now standard. Around 20 megapixels of information are read out in 4K mode - this corresponds to around 2.4 times as many pixels as is normally required for 4K UHD. The mass of data is then merged into a detailed 4K UHD video thanks to oversampling. With a bit rate of up to 100 Mbit / s, the Alpha 6300 records 4K videos in the XAVC S Codec. UHS Class 3 memory cards are mandatory at 100 Mbit / s. It goes without saying that the autofocus works around twice as fast as with the Alpha 6000 in video mode. If desired, the autofocus speed and tracking can be adjusted manually. This means that maximum creativity is retained even in video mode.

For the first time, the Alpha 6300 can also record Full HD at 120 frames per second and 100 Mbit / s. This has never been seen before with an APS-C camera with interchangeable lenses. This means that, in the future, videos in four to five times slow motion in Full HD (24p or 30p) will also be possible. Professionals or those who want to become one can also record in the S-Log gamma profile with the Alpha 6300. With 14 f-stops, the dynamic range here is breathtaking. Finally, S-Gamut extends the color space in video recording. Both open up new possibilities for post-processing the videos. And so that not only a first-class picture but also the sound is not neglected, the Alpha 6300 has a separate microphone input, which works well with both classic microphones and the XLR adapter from Sony. The "Gamma Display Help" function allows the user to check the quality of the video while recording the S-Log. The "Zebra" control always has the exposure settings in view. Different image profiles, time code / user bit and much more can be switched on if required. This also increases the convenience of recording and post-processing.

The Alpha 6300 shines with a high-resolution, high-contrast XGA OLED "Tru-Finder" viewfinder with around 2.4 million pixels so that not only the autofocus but also the user does not miss a single detail. In a new mode, the viewfinder can even show 120 images per second. Even the fastest movements are perfectly represented. Especially with series pictures, this is worth its weight in gold.

The Alpha 6300 lies firmly in the hand thanks to its robust magnesium housing. Nine control buttons are waiting to be individually assigned functions by their user. There is a total of 64 functions to choose from. If desired, a digital spirit level can be displayed in the viewfinder and on the monitor. Dust and moisture protection and a reinforced bayonet have also been implemented for the new Alpha 6300. The improved release button and the mode dial increase ease of use.

As befits a Sony camera, WiFi and NFC are on board as well as Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps. If you like, you can remotely control the camera or transfer images with PlayMemories Mobile, available for Android and iOS. Smartphones without NFC can also be easily connected to the camera via QR code.