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Drive away spiders: the best tips against spiders in the house

Human reactions to spiders range from panic and disgust to fascination. At least in the house and apartment, the eight-legged friends are often not very welcome. But there are a few things you can do about unwanted roommates.

Disgust for spiders is widespread. According to a representative survey by the opinion research institute Emnid, 20 percent of all men and 59 percent of all women are disgusted with the eight-legged friends. They are usually not impressed by the fact that the spiders in our latitudes are usually absolutely harmless and, at least in the wild, extremely useful. Nevertheless, according to a Czech study, spiders, along with poisonous snakes, are among the animals that people are most disgusted and afraid of.

Drive away spiders: quick tips against spiders in the house

  • Assemble Fly screens on windows and doors so that the animals cannot enter the apartment.
  • Hang up Scent barriers on. Lavender and mint are particularly suitable. They are dried and hung in the places through which the eight-legged friends get into the house - so preferably on the window.
  • Prevent nestling: Make a scented spray from water, 20 drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil and two drops of washing-up liquid. Spray it in the corners where the spiders hang out. Alternatively, you can use an anti-spider spray.
  • Use Ultrasonic connector in the socket. They drive away the animals.
  • Extensive clean: If the cobwebs are removed regularly, this also drives away the eight-legged creatures. After all, you don't want to keep spinning a new web all the time.

Spiders In The House - To Kill Or Not To Kill?

"Year after year, all the spiders that live on one hectare of meadow land devour the gigantic amount of 50,000 kilograms of insects", informs the German Wildlife Foundation. It is hard to imagine how many mosquitoes, flies and other annoying pests we would have to deal with every summer if spiders would not successfully decimate their populations. In the meadow, they are unlikely to bother most people. It therefore makes sense not to kill spiders, but to catch them and put them outside. It is best to use a soft cloth, a glass and a piece of paper or a special spider catcher. This means that you do not injure or kill the animals when they are caught and you can release them again undamaged.

Every fifth German citizen would even kill a spider immediately, according to another result of the Emnid survey, which was commissioned by the German Wildlife Foundation. For reasons of hospitality alone, you want to keep your apartment as free from spiders as possible.

Why do spiders come into the house in autumn?

Especially in autumn, the eight-legged animals look for shelter in houses and apartments in large numbers. You are looking for a place to hibernate.

How can I find spiders in the house?

Spiders feel most comfortable in the living room, in particular. This is mainly due to the temperatures and the floor covering - mostly carpet. If you have laminate flooring, spiders are less likely to stay here. In addition, they can be spotted and caught more easily on the smooth surface.

Spiders also like to settle in the bathroom. On the one hand, because, according to a study, the room is warm and humid and this also attracts other insects. On the other hand, because the bathroom window is opened frequently and thus both the spiders and their food (flies) can easily get into the room. The more often you leave windows and doors open and the more doors and windows you have, the greater the number of spiders in your house or apartment.

Which spiders are particularly common in the house?

Inside, the house angle spider and the trembling spider can often be found. The house angle spider is two centimeters tall, persistent and has long legs. The trembling spider is very thin and relatively inconspicuous. Your body measures just eight millimeters. Your legs can be up to two inches long. If its web is touched, the trembling spider begins to tremble. According to Nabu, the quiver spider follows the house angle spider.

Other spider species that are drawn to our homes in autumn are the zebra jumping spider, the autumn spider and various species of cross spiders. These eight-legged friends prefer to be on the outside wall of the house, in window corners or in the more humid basement. The heating air is often too dry for them.

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