What is the best tactical knife

What's the Best Tactical Knife 2021?

4 The “best of anything” is like beauty: it's in the eye of the beholder. What are tcurrent knives and which one is the best? The best tactical knife is defined by what the user expects from the knife. Civilians looking for a knife for self-defense will likely need a different knife than a soldier on the battlefield.

Here are a few good tactical knives to consider.


1. Spyderco Yojimbo 2

The Yojimbo 2 is a tactical folding knife designed by a highly regarded knife fighting expert Michael Janich. Janich's other designs include the BeWharned and the original Yojimbo. With this folding knife Janich got the best features of the original plus he added a few refinements.

It uses the highly effective Wharncliffe blade, widely recognized for its cutting ability, by transferring all of the energy all the way to the tip. The blade has a straight edge, hollow ground blade made of S30V steel.

The knife handle uses aggressively structured G10, a very stable polymer resin. With the G10, this tactical pocket knife will not slip out of the user's hand even if it is wet with sweat or blood.

As with many of Janich's designs, the Yojimbo 2 was developed to be used with the thumb on the back of the knife. This gives the user a very strong grip and maximum cutting performance.

The Yojimbo 2 has enjoyed high demand from people who know and love fine tactical knives since it was introduced.

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2. Gerber Silver Trident

Designed by Chief Jim Watson (SEAL Team 2), this fixed combat knife is nothing but pure tactic. One look at it is enough to understand that it is made for serious business.

The Silver Trident has a double-edged clip-point blade that is partially serrated both above and below. The blade is made of 154CM steel and has been heat treated, giving it a Rockwell hardness of 59-61. This means that the tactical knife is very hard and can be sharpened razor sharp. The blade has been given a black coating, which reduces visibility in poor light conditions and helps prevent corrosion.

The handle is made of DuPont Hytrel, a high quality polymer that comes in various shapes. The center of the handle is extremely hard while the surface is soft and textured to allow the user to maintain a secure grip in all conditions.

In short, this double-edged knife performs well and looks great.

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3. Eickhorn KM 2000 tactical knife

The Eichhorn KM 2000 is a highly praised, reliable tactical knife of the Bundeswehr, which has long been valued as a tactical combat knife in the military as well as for outdoor use. The KM 2000 and its further developments such as the KM 4000, which also has a back saw and a wire cutter, come from the renowned German cutlery in Solingen.

The Eickhorn KM 2000 is a German tactical knife suitable for knife combat with a total length of 33 cm, a blade length of 17 cm and a weight of approx. 290 grams or 525 grams including a Kydex sheath in the MOLLE standard.

The Eickhorn KM 2000 tactical knife has a fixed tanto blade with a combination blade or flat edge, both are available.

This is 17 cm long and 5 mm thick, was made of stainless 440 A Krupp steel and is now available with Böhler 695. The blade has an additional black Kalgard coating as a special anti-corrosion protection.

The blade of the KM 2000 is incredibly robust, there is no mistaking it. The steel is given a hardness of 56 on the Rockwell scale and is therefore quite resistant and with a medium edge retention.

The KM 2000 meets the highest professional standards and is still in an affordable price segment.

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4. Gerber LMF II Tactical Knife

The same applies to the Gerber LMF II. It is also made for professionals and can be used both in tactical areas and in other situations.

The black combi-blade is made of high quality, stainless 420HC steel. It is a tactical knife with a blade over 12cm long and a pronounced serrated edge that has fantastic sawing qualities.

Overall, the knife is 26.8 cm long and weighs no less than 561 grams, which puts the Gerber LMF II well in the upper weight range. The penetration power is accordingly, but it would not be so easy to carry around with you.

The steel-reinforced handle end for breaking car windows or the like is intended for rescue or special operations. The non-slip soft handles made of TacHide, which are stripped to protect against electric shock, are something very special.

As with the KM 2000, the fixed tactical knife plus indestructible tactical knife sheath in the MOLLE-compatible standard, with a leg strap and an integrated sharpener is supplied.

The price of the Gerber LMF II is below the KM 200o and thus offers a better price-performance ratio.

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5. CDS survival knife Modern Combat One

The CDS survival knife Modern Combat One tactical knife is priced between the Gerber and the Eickhorn.

It may come as a surprise that this is Spanish handicraft, more precisely even handicraft. This knife is only produced in small numbers to order, for example for the Spanish legions.

The CDS survival knife is made for the tougher pace. The total length of 28.5 cm and the blade length of 15.5 cm suggest this.

And then also the blade thickness of a whopping 5 mm, so you can already imagine the penetration power of the blade.

The vanadium steel ensures the blade has the required robustness and resilience. More precisely, the steel is specified with molybdenum vanadium 58 and the HRC hardness grade of 56-58.

The handle material also suggests heavy-duty use, because Micarta is not only very non-slip in all weather conditions, but also very robust.

Finally, for these wonderfully invested euros, you also get a leather sheath.

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6. United Cutlery Honshu Kerambit

The United Cutlery Honshu Kerambit is much cheaper than the knives presented above. However, that does not mean that there is a clear tactical knife of inferior quality here. A karambit is a good knife for self-defense, but also for a merciless attack.

The sickle-like shape of the karambit cutting edge favors particularly drawing cuts. However, it takes special practice and skill to properly appreciate this knife.

The all-steel construction is coated black and made of AUS-6. The knife weighs only 156 grams with a total length of 22.5.

The blade length of 10 cm is thus in the lower range. However, the blade thickness is surprisingly robust, you might not have thought that. A total of 4.4 mm - so it can do a lot of damage as a self-defense weapon.

As I said, if you know how to handle this knife. If that is the case, then the brand is certainly known, because it really stands for tactical extreme knives and is a guarantee for quality and functionality in the tactical area.

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7. Walther Black Tac Knife

The Walther Black Tac Knife is one of the cheaper tactical knives with a good reputation. The price is clearly in the lower segment.

But what you get for your money is still impressive. The 440 stainless steel is acceptable and easy to sharpen.

Although the knife has a spear point shape and actually a combi ship, the knife is very head-light for a tactical knife.

With a total length of 20 cm, the blade itself is only 8.5 cm long.

But if you are looking forward to everyday carrying, it should be said that this one-hand knife - which is opened via a sturdy flipper - has a plate lock.

The workmanship is okay, but I would rather not use it as a tactical knife in case of hardship, although the price-performance ratio is really impressive.

Because there is also an integrated glass breaker and a belt pouch.

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8. CampBuddy Camping & Outdoor / Survival Knife

Again, the CampBuddy knife is a bit more expensive.

As the name suggests, this “more” is just a tactical knife. Or to put it another way, the focus is on a different area of ​​application.

But that's not to say that this knife has nothing to offer. The fixed blade of 10.5 cm is made entirely of high-quality 7CR7MOV.

Unfortunately, the blade is only 2.7mm thick. That's ok, but for the entire outdoor area and also rescue operations, as advertised - I think that's a bit exaggerated.

But the ergonomic handles can also convince at this price, they are made of non-slip carbon fiber.

It's pleasantly light, but a little too light for my taste for an all-rounder and outdoor all-rounder at 145 grams.

It comes with a nylon bag and a flint - very practical. The back saw is completely useless for this.

The bottom line is a reasonable knife for the price, but one that has no particular tactical qualities.

9. Elite Force tactical knives

Finally the Elite Force outdoor knife, again in the lower price category for tactical knives.

The Elite Force is much larger and heavier than the other two knives of the cheaper variant.

With a total length of 26 cm, a blade length of 12.4 cm and a weight of 215 grams, you would want a little more than 420 steel. Yes, 420s, the description on Amazon is incorrect.

That leaves something to be desired. But that's no wonder with steel and only possible with spin-off manufacturers like Byrd from Spyderco.

But at least the focus here is on the tactical element. The tactical knife can be attached to the thigh with the carrying system practically at hand level and it is supplied with a fire starter and belt cutter.

Most impressive is the spear point and the serrated edge as part of the combi blade.

However, I dare to doubt that you want to constantly bother with the serrated edge with this cheap knife and the steel.

But that - like so many other things - everyone has to decide for themselves.

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10. Cold Steel Push Dagger FGX Tactical Knives

The Push Dagger FGX is a tactical knife which is quite unusual compared to the others. It looks like a fist knife, which is banned in Germany, but is not classified as such (source: BKA).

The push dagger style tactical knife (also called push knife) is very easy to hide and yet exceptionally deadly. As a last desperate defense for a police officer or special unit, this little knife can mean the difference between life and death.

The knife has a long Kray-Ex handle that fits snugly in the user's palm. The user then forms a fist so that the double-edged knife blade protrudes from the front of the fist. Think about the comic book hero Wolverine and you will get a good idea of ​​what that looks like.

The Push Dagger FGX can be used in either a cutting or cutting motion. The great thing about this knife: even a relatively inexperienced user can use it effectively. Plus, it's almost impossible to disarm the user in combat.

The blade is made of black hard plastic and has a double, flat-ground edge.

The Push Dagger FGX can be connected to MOLLE equipment, to a backpack, belt or a boat - essentially anywhere where it does not disturb, but within reach in case of an emergency.

Which is the best tactical knife? One conclusion

With that in mind, which of these is the best tactical knife? This decision can only be made by you after carefully weighing the intended use, namely what you are buying the tactical knife for. Remember that the use of a knife for self-defense is legal, but when using it, you should observe the restrictions of Section 42a WaffG.