How does a TelePrompTer work

The simplest teleprompter in the world

If you, like me, cannot memorize as much text, there is the option of using a teleprompter to look directly into the camera and read the text at the same time. The easiest teleprompter in the world, I'll show you here.

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With a teleprompter, a spoken text is mirrored on a pane of glass and a camera looks at the speaker from the other side. For a very simple setup you don't need more than an A3 picture frame with a pane of glass, some craft plastic or sturdy cardboard in black, a notebook, a little adhesive tape, a black cloth and a wooden clip.

Place the glass pane across the keyboard at a 45 ° angle to your notebook screen. Finished.

Display reflection on the glass

You can see how the text on the screen is reflected in the disk. So that the pane stands on its own, you have to connect the area between the glass pane and the notebook screen with the cardboard or plastic. To do this, glue the material to the pane and leave a crease on the other side that covers the screen. You can now attach this kink to the screen with the wooden clamp. She points the camera through the glass from behind. Now put the black cloth over the window and the camera.

Black reduces the reflections on the pane

Of course, the camera and laptop still need to be attached in some way. It can be enough to make a suitable structure with books or to work with two tripods. In my case I screwed a Manfrotto quick release plate onto a perforated steel sheet. The tripod head for the camera is at one end of the perforated plate and a small platform on which the laptop is placed is at the other end.

The camera holder and quick release plate are connected to a perforated plate

Here you will find a link to the teleprompter software and to a glass manufacturer who produces specially cut-to-size mirrored glass panes. You should reckon with 100 € acquisition costs for an A3 sized disc.

Of course, this also works with a conventional screen. You can put the screen on its back, attach the glass pane to the top of the screen at a 45 ° angle and close the side areas with the black craft material.

LCD monitor lying on its back

Do you know an even simpler and cheaper teleprompter? Then write to me in the comments where I can find it.


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