Why do people lose teeth in prison?


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Flood in jail


A prisoner is supposed to bathe in the high security wing of a prison. For this he is taken to a special cell. This is exactly 1.80 meters long, 1.80 meters wide and 2.60 meters high. Inside there is a bathtub with a capacity of 250 liters, which is firmly embedded in concrete. The room has no windows and only one door. This is made of steel and absolutely waterproof. In the middle of the ceiling is a round ventilation shaft with a diameter of 12 cm and a removable grille. The guard explains to the prisoner that he will be back in exactly 3 hours to pick him up. When the prisoner turned on the tap a short time later, however, the handle broke off and he could no longer turn off the water. The water flows incessantly at 60 liters per minute and the steel door is locked so that it cannot escape. What can he do to avoid drowning?


First think again for a moment. The solution is easier than you think!

What does the man have to do? ? ?

You can really figure it out!


OK, here's the solution: He pulls the plug! :-) Every bathtub has a drain, and when it is open, the water drains away. (You could have guessed that.)


The kerosene lamp


In a jungle camp, the participants were left on their own for a week. They had plenty of supplies with them, but they hadn't thought of one thing: after five days the wick in their kerosene lamp was so used up that it could no longer be immersed in the kerosene. They also ran out of petroleum to refill. There was still enough kerosene in the lamp, but the wick didn't reach that far down.

What did the campers do to keep their lamp burning?


They also filled the lamp with water. Oil and water do not mix. The remaining petroleum was lighter and floated over the water.


WHY, HOW ???


How old are the oldest teeth?


According to their own statements, researchers have found the oldest teeth of modern humans in Israel. Tel Aviv University announced that during excavations in a cave, researchers had discovered about 400,000 year old teeth of Homo sapiens. So far, only about 200,000 year old remains of modern humans have been discovered in Africa. "This is the earliest period from which there are indications of the existence of modern man in the world," said the university's statement on the new find. The teeth were found in the Kassem Cave, a prehistoric site east of Tel Aviv. Eight teeth were examined together with an international team of researchers. (dpa / sts)


Stupid questions to smile about


There is no solution to these bizarre questions!


Why does the lid of a coffin have to be nailed shut?


useful information


HISTORY: Bird ancestors ate less meat


As a carnivore, Tyrannosaurus Rex is notorious with its powerful skull and huge teeth. However, the appetite for meat seems to be the exception among its relatives. Most coelurosaurs, from which all birds today evolved, preferred plant foods, US researchers report in the "Proceedings" of the US Academy of Sciences. The dinosaurs had in the course of evolution lost the teeth they needed to tear the flesh and instead developed a toothless beak. With that they switched to vegetarian food. (dpa / sts)


Links and tips


Information on Germany's cities


On the website

www.city-map.de Users will find an online guide to all cities, regions and districts in Germany. For every city there are addresses for tourism, economy, culture and events.


Our wildlife


Help children take care of small animals


With cleaning, feeding and keeping guinea pigs or rabbits busy, boys and girls are usually overwhelmed by themselves, explains the Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf (IVH) in Düsseldorf. One possible consequence of this is that interest in the animals that you want most at first will quickly wane. If, on the other hand, the father or mother encourage the offspring to think up games for the animals - hide food, for example - the four-legged friends become trusting more quickly. This in turn strengthens the children's interest in and a sense of responsibility for their protégés. From what age the animals can largely be cared for on their own differs from child to child. (dpa / cm)


Did you know that?


Fritzchen is late for school. The teacher asks: Fritzchen, why did you come too late? Fritzchen replies: Yes, you know, teacher. This morning was so black ice. For every step I took forward, I slipped two steps back. The teacher asks: Then how did you get here? Fritzchen replies: At some point it was too stupid for me and I wanted to run home again.


A little girl howling to her mother: Mommy, my hamster is dead, it doesn't move any more. The mother tries to comfort her: Don't cry, my darling. We'll bury it in the garden. You can invite all your friends, I bake delicious cakes, buy you ice cream ... At this moment the hamster suddenly moves in its cage. The mother: Oh, look honey, he's alive! Little girl: Mommy, can I strangle him?


Two little boys come out of Sunday school where they heard a sermon about the devil. On the way home they talk about it: "Tell me, what do you think of all this satanic stuff? Do you believe it?" The other: "Oh, that's sure like Santa Claus, he also turned out to be my father."


Child mouth


When our daughter Luisa (3) picks her nose again and then puts her “find” in her mouth, her big sister scolds: “Ugh, you don't do that!” Then Luisa says unmoved: “I have to eat something. "


Sayings for the poetry album


Never break the bond of friendship
thoughtlessly in two,
because you will find it again
one knot remains.


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