What are some realistic dystopian books

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The category of dystopia divides minds. On the one hand it is absolutely exciting to experience the author's point of view, on the other hand his visions can also be very scary. After all, the dystopias are novels that predict a bleak future and draw attention to social problems. Social systems are created, some of which do not seem so absurd, although they are completely out of thin air.

It is the author's fantasies who create totalitarian systems to warn of the consequences of such. If you like to engage in such mind games and look curiously at something that you yourself do not feel so unlikely, you should definitely take a closer look here with us. We have discovered exciting dystopias for you that make many things appear in a different light.

Actually, the dystopia is considered a subgenre of the science fiction novel. But we decided to give it a place of its own. It offers so many different facets that the readers are challenged again and again. Dystopias can be frightening, as they always contain a small, realistic, socially critical reference. Some of the series are written for young readers. However, these are usually designed in such a way that young readers can understand and process the utopian fantasies with a negative outcome, but also offer adults exciting entertainment.

The dystopian book series are sorted by the surname of the author.

Dystopian novels at a glance: