Who is better Kodak Black or Lil Wayne

Kodak Black disses Lil Wayne: "You should have died"

At a gig in Miami, the “ZEZE” rapper shot Lil Wayne again and wished him dead.

Black wants to be better known
Dieuson Octave is 21 years young, an American rapper who was sentenced to several months in prison after being robbed, deprived of liberty, illegally possessing firearms and drugs, and driving with an invalid driver's license, and simply does not learn from his mistakes. The artist uses these offenses instead to draw attention again to himself, to be able to publish Kodak Black songs and mixtapes under his alter ego and to be able to earn a living. At the club “LIV” in Miami, Florida, for example, he was only on stage a few days ago and has tracks like “Wake Up in the Sky” with Gucci Mane and Bruno Mars, “Calling My Spirit” and “ZEZE” featuring Travis Scott and offset given for the best. Especially with the latter song, he once again wrote negative headlines, asked the DJ to put the music on and dissected one of his colleagues: “Where's Lil Wayne? … You're a fucking worm, ”Kodak Black yelled into the audience, adding,“ You should have died when you were a baby. ”

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the 21-year-old has attacked Weezy. Back in December 2016, Kodak wrote, "Lil Wayne is not the shitty best rapper alive ... I am" before explaining in a video a month later that "Lil Wayne could eat his butt" ...

Daughter takes a position
While the “Lollipop” interpreter himself hadn't commented, his daughter Reginae Carter backed him up and explained: “You new rappers should give the goat your respect. My father doesn't bother anyone ... He won't even react to what was said ... This man is in his own world, so leave him alone ... You also choose the night he is not in LIV - don't tell me I'm supposed to stay out of this because this is my dad and you motherfuckers don't give him his approval and it's a shame. N ** a, your whole album sounds like the stuff my daddy released back then. "

Kodak then called Reginae a “little bald daughter” and warned her not to speak to him again. The actual cooperation, which the 21-year-old asked for in 2017 and was finally able to publish “Codeine Dreaming” with Lil Wayne, was not discussed ...