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"Deadpool" has had its day: This role is Ryan Reynolds ‘new number 1

In an interview, Ryan Reynolds spoke about his upcoming film "Free Guy" and explained how he would like the audience to feel when they watch the film.

With "Deadpool" Ryan Reynolds broke through the fourth wall as the eponymous super mercenary and made contact with the audience. He will also get in touch in "Free Guy". Not to the audience, however, but to the players from the real world. Because Reynolds embodies an NPC named Guy, a so-called non-player character (in German: non-player character) who always follows a programmed pattern without being aware of it. That changes one day and suddenly Guy and the avatar Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) are on a mission to prevent the shutdown of the open-world online title "Free City".

Clearly, the 43-year-old Canadian likes bizarre fabrics. In an interview with Total Film, he explained why he chose "Free Guy" of all places:

“I wanted to do something that felt the same as it did when I first watched 'Back to the Future'. I wanted to do something in which you have the feeling of entering a world of wish fulfillment and possibilities - a world that is funny, but also contains real dangers and a lot of heart. "

Above all, he wanted to put a big grin on the audience's faces with this film when they leave the cinema after the film.

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Ryan Reynolds apparently enjoyed "Free Guy"

He's right: When you see Robert Zemeckis' cult film for the first time, you have so many possibilities for the plot to unfold while Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) wanders through the Hill Valley from 1955. And apparently he wants to create the same anticipation when the moviegoers see “Free Guy” for the first time on December 10, 2020.

And for Reynolds at least, his upcoming sci-fi action comedy "Free Guy" is already better than "Deadpool", as he shared on Twitter:

“I love Total Film's 'Free Guy' cover theme. Of all the films I've ever made, this is my favorite. Just pure joy. "

And working with director Shawn Levy must have given him pure joy. Because the two have already considered their next project together, as The Hollywood Reporter reports: a time travel adventure. In the film, Reynolds will go back in time to seek help from his 13-year-old self. Together they meet their father, who is the same age as Reynolds. Originally the project was called "Our Name Is Adam" and should have Tom Cruise in the lead role. Under Levy and Reynolds, the whole thing should certainly go a little more in the direction of comedy.

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