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A good hour later, Sam and Ash were standing next to Bobby in the kitchen, who was cutting vegetables. From self-cultivation, of course. "Tell me, Bobby," Sam began. “Do you always cook like this? I mean, even if you are alone? "

"What do you think? Do you think I shoved unhealthy microwaves or fast food shit like you did? " Bobby expertly cut the carrots into small pieces. "There is no such new modern crap with me!"

"Mainly because you don't have a microwave!" Knew Jack, who had just walked through the door.

"I don't need that shit!" Bobby grabbed the giant zucchini and peeled it off.

"So Ellen cooks one off every day too!" Ash chatted. “I have to admire the woman. Every day she is cooking, baking, making jam, picking cucumbers and Gilb knows what else, waking up! Then she takes care of the economy, the household - everything is top-notch. But Jo has to go to the bullets too! Not only for serving and in the restaurant, but also in the household. Since she returned from university, she has learned to cook and bake quite well. And in the meantime we can even eat everything she makes! "

Sam smiled thoughtfully: “When I think when Jess and I moved into the little dorm! Neither of us could cook anything! And everything we tried went really bad! Once we wanted to bake cookies for Christmas. Full for the ass! They were either black, crumbly or rock hard! Then we tried a roast! I think you could have killed you with that in the end, it was that hard! We just didn't succeed. But it was always fun! - But Le Ly, she can cook! Not just Asian, but general. But she cooks such good Vietnamese dishes! Those were the purest celebrations when she was cooking. " Sam reminisced.

Jack smiled: "I like to eat Chinese!"

"Did you call her?" Sam wanted to know.

"Yeah, and we agreed that when I'm in the area I'll give her a call and visit her," said Jack.

"Hey Jack," Sam said seriously. “Le Ly is a very nice girl. I mean, not just for a night or so! "

"I'm not planning to!" Said Jack, just as seriously.

"Have you already told dad about that?" Bass asked from the door.

Jack just shrugged.

"Tell me!" Bass stepped closer. "You don't even know the bride."

"Just! You can get to know each other! She doesn't have to marry right away, ”Jack said calmly and went into the living room.

Bass watched him go: "Dad will freak out if someone starts to spin again!"

"Do you mean me by the one?" Sam asked.

"That hits exactly the point, Sammy!" Bass gave Sam a provocative look and also left the kitchen.

In the meantime Dean had knocked upstairs at Jo, who had already moved to Ash’s room, and had been let in. He saw that Jo had been crying.

"Listen, Jo," he began. "I am sorry! Because of your mom and all. "

Jo had calmed down in the meantime: "It's okay, Dean!"

Dean smiled embarrassed: “And that with the love affairs! Well, Sam exaggerated a little. "

Jo also smiled: “Well, I can already imagine that you didn't live like a monk! Wasn't a nun either! "

Dean laughed: "Sure! And about our dad and your mom, well, that blew my mind! "

"And that Ash is into Sam!" Grinned Jo. "But don't take it so seriously!"

"Anyway! Sam is straight too. " Dean didn't really have any concerns here. Actually. Or?

Dean looked at the second bed: "Missouri will be quartered here."

"Is she nice?", Jo asked and tugged at her pillow.

"Not to me!", Dean confessed.

Jo looked at him full: “You poor man! When I have time, I really regret you! "

Dean laughed and sat down next to Jo on the bed. Jo giggled embarrassed: "Do you know what I'm thinking of?"

Dean shrugged.

“Back when you were on vacation with us at the Roadhouse. I think I was pretty pissed off! "

"Sometimes it does!", Dean confessed. "But strange, I just thought about that."

“Do you remember in the woodshed?” Asked Jo.

Dean nodded.

"You opened my bra!", Jo remembered.

"And I was wondering the whole time why you wore this bra at all?" Dean said with a devious grin. With a look at her bosom he said: "Now you have a reason to!"

Jo laughed: “Two reasons. - My goodness, I was crying the eyes out of my head when you drove away after the holidays! And I envied you. "

"I beg your pardon? Us?" Dean couldn't believe it. How could anyone envy Dean and Sam Winchester?

“You know, you had - have - a great father, I missed that. He was so strong and manly and so. "

"Oh yeah, especially when he put us on our knees," said Dean smiling.

“And then, you were allowed to go through all the states and not always stay in one place, it was so uncomplicated and just so different. How I would have loved to go with you! ”Sighed Jo.

"And we envied you!", Dean confessed. “Your mother, she was lovely, nice, gentle - cooked and baked and just took care of you. We didn't know anything like that! Our dad didn't look after us so lovingly, we were left on our own a lot and he was very strict. And messing around, well, that wasn't always fun! Sometimes this motel, then another shitty apartment or a trailer. Often a lonely forest hut, sometimes just a tent in summer. No good home cooking, mostly just finished products or cheap canteen food. Then this school and that school, then other teachers and new classmates. It was often bad, especially for Sammy, he doesn't make contacts very quickly and when he made friends we moved away again. Often we only had each other. "

“That's why you have such a close bond with each other. But at least there were two of you. Most of the time I didn't have anyone, not even friends. And believe me, it wasn't always easy going at the Roadhouse. And my mom sure hasn't always been so kind and gentle. I wasn't beaten, but she could get beastly. And I often died of boredom in the roadhouse. "

"We even envied you fervently," continued Dean.

“For what, for God's sake?” Asked Jo.

“You had your own room and you got pocket money. We never got pocket money, Sam and I. Not even later in Blue Earth. Dad left me money to go shopping and if something came up and so on. That’s it. And then I had to account for the cent and write everything down and show him the receipts. If we wanted something, we had to ask or beg Dad. No matter what. Cinema or whatever, it was always a struggle! We didn't have big wishes anyway. It wasn't until later, when I was doing my apprenticeship in the auto repair shop, that I had some money. And I gave a little of it to Sammy. So he got pocket money from me. Dad never knew about it, he wouldn't have allowed it. " Dean looked lost in thought.

"I didn't see it that way," said Jo softly. "I thought you were so happy - I thought so then."

Dean looked at her: “We also had very, very nice times that I don't want to miss for anything. Dad taught us a lot and when I think about when we would often sit around a campfire in the evenings and he would tell us, or mostly to me, because Sammy was already asleep on his lap. That was wonderful. Even the long drives somewhere, Sammy was mostly in the back and sleeping, and Dad and I were chatting about all sorts of things the whole time. I'll never forget that."

"You love your father very much, Dean!", Jo stated.

“About everything - sounds stupid, but for me he is the best father in the world! Dad was often very strict, we had strict rules that we absolutely had to follow, otherwise it would make a difference. But he didn't even punish us unfairly or in anger. Okay, he could get angry and we would get scared, but we never got an undeserved punishment. Although it sucks if you get your dad's ass trimmed when you are 16 or 17! " Dean grinned when he remembered.

"I think he had to crack down on you guys, especially you!" She smiled at Dean.

"I think so too!" Laughed Dean and both came closer with their heads. They didn't say another word until Dean finally took Jo’s head in both hands and pressed his lips to her full mouth. Jo pushed willingly towards him, opened her lips and let his tongue penetrate. He pulled Jo closer and felt the twin pressure of her breasts as his tongue explored her oral cavity. The kiss lasted a long time and Jo had both arms wrapped around Dean's neck. Slowly she sank down on the pillow and Dean was still kissing her, over her.

Suddenly the door was thrown open and Ash was standing in the room with Sam. Jo and Dean started up frightened. "Damn it!", Dean railed. "Can't you knock?"

"Forgiveness!" Ash grinned diabolically. "We didn't know there was an orgy going on here!"

"Get out of here!" Dean advised the two of them.

"Sorry, but I forgot something and I wanted to get it." Ash explained calmly. Sam smiled. Ash rummaged in the old dresser.

"Does that take any longer?" Asked Dean annoyed.

"In certain circumstances! Don't stress here man! Oh - damn it, I already got that over there! ”Ash recalled.

"Just push off!" Hissed Dean.

“It's okay, Romeo! You can go on! Second act - they got naked! ”Ash said calmly while Sam laughed. But both slipped away discreetly.

"Ass vulture!" Dean turned to Jo. "Where were we? Oh yes." Dean pulled Jo closer and kissed her again.

In the evening a cozy group sat together. The older people consisting of John and Ellen, Will, Bobby, the pastor and Caleb sat down in the living room, where they drank wine and talked. The younger generation was gathered around the round table in the kitchen. Sam went upstairs to check his mail on his laptop. The round downstairs was already very enjoyable.

Bass almost gossiped: "Are you so glad, eh, Deano, that the matter with Pummel has been settled?" The moment he said it, he became aware of his faux pas.

“Who is Pummel?” Asked Jo inexperienced.

“Chubby? Why chubby? ”Stuttered Dean.

“Well, Bass, just talked about Pummel. Who is that?"

"Oh chubby, oh - actually nobody." Dean couldn't think of anything to kill him. That idiot from Bass!

Bass came to his aid: “Pummel! Ha - that's funny with Pummel! We used to say pummel to Sammy! "

“Why, for God's sake?” Jo asked indignantly.

“Yeah, you know,” Dean stammered, “Sammy used to be pretty chubby. A real little pug! "

"But - when he was in the Roadhouse, he was slim!", Jo remembered.

“Yes, but when he hit puberty! Gentlemen, it rose like yeast dough, I tell you! But he also ate more than a pregnant Haflinger mare! Nothing was safe from that. Dad had to keep hiding the groceries, otherwise it would have eaten our hair off our heads, ”explained Dean seriously.

"But he was so slim and had so long legs", Jo wondered honestly.

“That was the dilemma!” Said Bass. “He had skinny stilts for so long and then the lower body started with the immense belly. His head looked like a fluffed balloon - with such cheeks! " Bass demonstratively puffed out his cheeks.

"That's why we often called him Pummel!" Explained Dean.

Jack also helped: "Your dad always called him a pug!"

"Yeah right! I remember." Dean nodded. “Or pugs! When he was in a good mood, but when he was in a bad mood or Sammy had screwed up something, he always shouted: ‘PUG! Pug Winchester over here! ’"

"And you called him Pummel!" Jo shook her head blankly.

"A terribly nice family!" Commented Ash.

“The kids at school always said steamroller to him!” Said Bass.

"So what very mean!", Jo ranted. “I can fully empathize with Sam. I used to be a little stronger too! "

Bass had to pull himself together, also Dean and Jack, otherwise they would almost have laughed.

Jo still couldn't believe it: "It's understandable that Sam never felt comfortable with you when his father calls him Pug and his brother calls him Pummel."

"But when he answered, we called him Sammy again.", Reassured Dean.

When Sam joined the group soon afterwards, Jo looked at him pityingly, but said nothing because she knew how uncomfortable such memories could be. Ash gave him a sympathetic look too.

Sam didn't know why, but he felt kind of uncomfortable. "Is what?" He finally asked.

"I just want to tell you, Sam," Jo began, "that Ash and I are fully behind you when it comes to titles like Pug and Chubby."

"And steamroller!" Added Ash.

Sam didn't know what was going on, but Dean, who was sitting next to him, gave him a kick under the table. Sam didn't quite understand: "Did you tell Jo?" He thought that Dean and his cousins ​​Jo had confessed to something. “That was tough!” He said then.

"An insolence, a huge nasty thing!" Jo ranted again.

Ash was also angry: "How can you call an innocent child like that!"

"Well, you can't say child anymore," said Sam.

"Well, then a teenager, still young and innocent!" Jo claimed angrily. -Sam looked astonished.- "And then your father said Pug, that's the height!"

"Our dad?" Sam asked confused. "Why Pug?"

Dean gave him another kick and leaned over to Jo to whisper in her ear: “He tries to suppress that with the pug. He always pretends to have no idea. "

Jo almost burst into tears. Dean hadn't expected that she got up to hug Sam: “I didn't know that. I mean, about the pug! "

Sam didn't know what happened to him: "I didn't know either, with the pug!"

"You see!" Said Dean affirming to Jo.


"Really!" Confirmed Sam. "That dad said something like that!"

Ash interfered: "Maybe you should talk to each other in a quiet hour and talk properly and treat yourself."

Sam looked piqued: "Isn't that a little exaggerated?"

"I studied psychology for two semesters, I know my way around."

"I thought you studied mechanical engineering and physics?" Said Sam.

“I have too! I've studied a bit of almost everything! ”Ash admitted.

"That's why you let your education hang so far!", Dean stated.

"You got it, man!" Ash said coolly.

The conversation died down as John went into the kitchen and went to get more wine from the shelf. He realized that something was wrong. Jo, in particular, gave him a strange look. While Dean silently prayed that John would not respond to Pummel or even Pug, John looked around. "Is there anything I should know?"

Bass and Jack tried to look uninvolved, while Dean was obviously bothered by something and Ash, Jo and Sam were kind of angry. John had a good knowledge of people and - above all, he knew his sons!

“I only say pug!” Said Jo.

Dean laughed contrived, but was immediately silent when he caught a dirty look from John. "Did you mean pug?" John wasn't sure if he understood correctly.

"Exactly: Pug!" Repeated Sam.

"Aha - Pug", John nodded and checked the empty bottles with a quick overview. They couldn't be drunk on that yet, he thought! Maybe they were kidding him? He decided to go into the game. “What is pug?” He asked.

It had sounded like he was saying it to Sam. Jo grimaced: "He still says it!"

"But dad, how can you?" Sammy couldn't believe it.

"John!" Ash shook his head. "That is hard!" And turning to Sammy he said: "Treat this now!"

"Now?" Asked Sam.

"Now let's drink first!", Dean called in between. "Raise your cups!"

"Exactly! Raise your cups! ”Said Bass, helping.

John knew that Dean wanted to hide something, he knew his eldest too well and decided to ask him about it tomorrow. Because when Ash heard about the drink, he forgot the therapy and grabbed his beer bottle: “Prost ---- tata!” He shouted happily.

Bobby also called to John: “Damn it, John! Where do you get the wine? Are you going to pick grapes first or what? " So John went back into the living room armed with two bottles of wine.

“But - but”, said Jo, “the pug.”

"It's fine!", Dean disregarded it and snorted inwardly. He knew that his dad would follow up on this and had to come up with something else. "Tell us your great toast, Jo!"

Jo laughed again. Jack and Bass had poured each one a whiskey. Bobby got it from a hunter friend who burned it himself. Jo got up and raised her glass: "The muskrat's tooth is hard, but the morning latte is even harder!"

“Oh my God!” Ellen shouted from the living room, horrified. All the men laughed.

The round in the kitchen poured down the schnapps. Jo and Sam coughed like crazy while Ash just licked his lips with relish. Dean and the cousins ​​gasped a little too.

"Damn it," said Bass. "It'll rip off your almonds!"

Ash motioned for Jack to refill. Bass also had a toast: "If you have cheese on your sandwich, you can fuck like a cop!"

Everyone drank ex. And a few more laps were lifted.

"One still works!" Said Ash. "And it suits me again!"

Everyone looked at him strangely.

"The sweat on your forehead!", Ash debilitated and looked harmless. Sam burst out laughing.

Dean looked at him seriously while Jack poured more glasses. "He won't get any more now!" He said to Jack.

"Who decides that?", Sam started.

"Me and you keep your mouth shut, otherwise I'll hit you!" Dean plumed at him.

"As far as I know, Sam is of legal age," Ash said pointedly.

“But I am his guardian! Just for your information! ”Dean snapped at him.

Sam looked at him with open mouth indignantly.

"They probably mixed your brain too quickly for you!" Ash looked challengingly at Dean. "Who do you think you are actually?"

"Dean Winchester." Dean gave him the death look.

“You should voluntarily swallow a fly, Dean Winchester! Then you have a lot more brains in your stomach than in your stupid head! ”Ash stated.

“Just keep talking, then you can order a group of bricklayers right away! You will need them so that they can scrape your remains off the wall with spatulas when I'm done with you! ”Advised Dean.

"Manno," groaned Sam. "Stop it!"

"You keep your mouth shut, otherwise you go straight to bed!" Ordered Dean harshly.

Sam looked at him angrily: “How are you talking to me? I'm not a baby anymore! "

“For me it is! Because when you were soooo small ... " Dean indicated with his fingers a size of at most an ant "... there I have you ..."

"Don't exaggerate here, uncle!" Ash cut in again. "It wasn't even that small as an embryo!"

“Oooh! Now the prevented doctor med psych has again launched his medical smart shit. ", Dean unkte. "In any case, I was already grown up when I was four when Sammy was 24!"

"Jaaaaaaa - jaaaaaa," sneered Sam. "We all know: You were the youngest adult in the United States!" The beer and the strong liquor had gone to Sam's head. "And look what I do now!" He got up and got another bottle of beer from the refrigerator.

"Uh huh," grinned Bass. "Little brother makes a strong man."

"If you want another bottle, then drink another bottle!" Asked Ash Sam.

"And if you want one in the snout," said Dean to Ash, "then you get one too!"

"Now stop arguing, man!" Jo looked indignantly at Dean and Ash.

"It started!" Ash nodded at Dean.

“You're about to catch one!” Dean rejected.

"Cheers!" Grinned Sam, lifted his bottle towards Ash and took a long swig of beer.

This toasted back: "Cheers --- ta ta!"

"Sammy," said Dean warningly. "Did I tell you something earlier?"

"Could be", Sam giggled. He already had a small seat. He'd drank this beer very quickly. But cheekily he went to the refrigerator and got another bottle.

"Put them back in!" Ordered Dean.

"Lick me!" Sam opened the bottle and demonstratively toasted Dean.

Bass gave Dean a pat on the shoulder: “Dude, the little one is getting defiant. He no longer follows. "

“Sam Winchester! Last call!" Dean got up. “Put the bottle down and go to bed! I'm saying it for the last time! "

“Thank God!” Sam called. "When you say it for the last time, the stupid gossip will finally stop!"

Ash laughed out loud. Sam laughed too and raised the bottle: "Prostate!"

Then everything went very fast. The bottle flew into a corner and Dean pulled the surprised Sam halfway through the kitchen to the door. Ash jumped up and went for Dean, who, however, came to the aid of Bass. Jack wanted to part the fighters and Jo gave a startled cry. In the next moment John was there and tore Dean and Sam, who were fighting in the meantime, apart. Jack had gone between Bass and Ash, and Will kept things quiet.

"What the hell is going on here?" John built himself up in front of his sons. Sam was on the floor, Dean half over him. Ash and Bass were still downstairs too. Four fingers pointed in four different directions: “It started!” They said almost simultaneously.
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