What if we turn the lamps on

1. As a pure fragrance lamp:

Only use fragrance from Lampe Berger without a neutral liquid. The scent is then most intense and you only need to leave your Lampe Berger on for about 20 minutes to achieve an intense scent. The scent lingers in the apartment for a long time. Mixing with neutral liquid will only leave your lamp on longer and only use more liquid.

2. As a pure air purifier

Use only neutral liquid. The air is cleaned of bad smells and no fragrance is emitted from the lamp. Since the lamp works on an alcoholic basis and the use of a neutral liquid produces a slight scent from the alcoholic combustion, we recommend adding a very small amount of scent (e.g. grapefruit) to get a touch of fresh scent without noticing the scent objectively.

3. As an air purifier and fragrance lamp

Use fragrance and neutral liquid mixed together. The mixing ratio depends on the usage.

For example, if you turn on the lamp during a long, odor-intensive meal (e.g. racelette, fondue, etc.), we recommend 9/10 neutral and 1/10 fragrance. The next day you won't notice the smell of food in your apartment from the night before, but the smell still doesn't bother you when you eat.

After cooking, turn on the lamp with a 9/10 fragrance and 1/10 neutral. After eating, you quickly have no food odors and only a good scent of your selected favorite scent in the room. An operating time of 20 minutes is sufficient.