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Football tactics: running behind

Player B runs behind player A. Player A can now play B or pulls the ball inwards, a play follows in the graphic. Defender C finds it difficult to adjust to the situation. Often you can see the trailing behind by the player who matched the ball owner. The players can implement this situation well, because with a pass the consideration always follows, can I cheat or not?

The lower positioned player has to be ready to run and this often happens even though he does not get the ball, so diligence is required. The risk to one's own defense is often underestimated, if the ball is lost, there may be a lack of protection to the rear.

Running behind is a group tactic and is often used on the wing positions. The player running behind pulls, ideally at top speed, past the owner of the ball on the outside lane and this quite narrowly in order to have a shorter path.

The player in possession of the ball has two options: either he passes the other player who is running behind, or he pulls inwards with the ball and at high speed. The defender has to decide what defensive action to take and it is difficult to pick up the pace of the circulating player. If the defender tries to do this, the way inwards is open and he is in a bind.

We have four exercises as video that are intended to automate the running behind. Cones are used for orientation and the defenders always behave passively at the beginning. You will quickly see in the exercises that there can be different running and pass paths. Whether in two or three, running behind offers endless possibilities.

Football Tactics - Video Training Behind Running I

In an introductory exercise for tactics training, one thing should be avoided as a matter of principle: a football coach may not show the players his knowledge and also does not have to prove what he can do, he should make tactics palatable to his players.

Otherwise there is a risk that the players will block and not accept the tactic. Sell ​​well to the players how great and simple the tactic is and what advantages it has.