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American-Chinese is not lacking in fans and it shows in the popularity of Panda Express! Chinese dishes with a heavy American dose are addicting.

Below is a list of the latest and most up-to-date Panda Express menu prices (Switzerland).


Picked for you

Porc au caramelC18.70
Nouilles sautées au chickenC15.00
Bœuf bouilli à la piquante sauceC24.20
Chicken aigre douce sauceC16.50
Canard aux cinq épicesC22.00


Assortment maisonC12.00
Nems au porcC7.00
Rouleaux de printemps aux legumesC6.00
Rouleaux d'été aux crevettesC8.00
Beignets de crevettesC8.00
Brochettes de pouletC7.00
Raviolis de porc à la vapeurC7.00
Raviolis de crevettes à la vapeurC7.00
Galettes de crevettes et poissonC8.00


Potage aigre piquantC7.00
Potage au crabe et aspergesC7.00
Potage aux legumesC6.00
Potage au tofu et alguesC6.00
Potage au maïs and chickenC6.00
Potage Tom YamKungC7.00


Salade de crevettes thaïC8.00
Salade d'alguesC7.00
Salade de poulet thaïC8.00
Salade de poulet thaï (Salades)C8.00

Specialités you chef

Mapo tofu aux crevettesC20.90
Caramel prawnsC23.10
Nouilles de riz sauté aux lardons et crevettesC25.30
Bœuf bouilli à la piquante sauce (specialties du chef)C24.20
Cote de porc aux vermicellesC27.50
Bacon sauté aux fries de terreC19.80

Plats de poulet

Chicken sauce aigre douce (plats de poulet)C16.50
Chicken caramelC16.50
Chicken pané lemon sauceC16.50
Chicken sauté piquante sauceC16.50
Chicken au curry vertC17.60
Chicken au curry rougeC17.60

Plats de bœuf

Bœuf au curry vertC20.90
Bœuf au curry rougeC20.90
Bœuf croustillantC19.80
Bœuf sauté à l'ailC19.80
Bœuf sauté aux oignonsC19.80
Bœuf sauté au basilicC18.00

Plats de crevettes

Aigre-douce crevette sauceC23.10
Crevettes au curry vertC23.10
Crevettes au curry rougeC23.10
Aigre-piquante crevette sauceC23.10

Plats de porc

Porc à la aigre-douce sauceC17.60
Porc aux cinq épicesC17.60
Porc au caramel (Plats de porc)C18.70

Plats de poisson

Poisson pané lemon sauceC19.80

Plats de canard

Canard au caramelC23.10
Canard au curry vertC23.10
Canard au curry rougeC23.10
Canard aux cinq épices (Plats de canard)C22.00
Canard aux pineappleC22.00
Canard laquéC22.00
Canard laqué with crêpesC33.00

Plats végétariens

Tofu aux legumesC16.50
Tofu au curry vertC17.60
Tofu au curry rougeC17.60


Nouilles sautées au poulet (Nouilles)C15.00
Nouilles sautées aux legumesC14.00
Nouilles udon sautées au chickenC17.00


Riz cantonaisC4.00
Riz natureC2.00
Chips aux crevettesC5.00
Chips aux crevettes (Accompagnements)C5.00


Beignets de pommeC6.50
Beignets de bananeC6.50
Beignets d'ananasC6.50
Beignets d'ananas (desserts)C6.50


Jus de pommeC4.50
Jus de litchi et cocoC4.50
Henniez bleuC5.00
Henniez vertC5.00
Coca-Cola zeroC4.50
Nestea citronC4.50
Nestea citron (Boissons)C4.50
Nestea pêcheC4.50
The vert froidC5.00


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In October 1983, Andres Cherng and Peggy Cherng founded Panda Express in Glendale, California, USA. The brand itself is the faster cousin of Panda Inn, a chain of table service restaurants with an upscale atmosphere.

There are more than 2,200 Panda Express restaurants in several countries. Many of the restaurants are stand-alone locations, while many more are in casinos, airports, universities, amusement parks, and military bases. In other words, you can't miss Panda Express in most of the major cities around the world.

Introduction to menu and services

Panda Express has the complete package every foodie wants: great but affordable food, generous portions for two and a welcoming atmosphere. Don't dismiss it as just another fast food restaurant given the great customer service few other fast food restaurants offer.

There is a wide variety of dishes inspired by Chinese cuisine such as sweet fire chicken breast, orange chicken, grilled teriyaki chicken, Beijing beef and kung pao chicken. These are the standard dishes. However, if you're willing to pay, you can also choose from several premium dishes such as the Shanghai Angus Steak and the Honey Walnut Shrimp.

Take a look at the meals combo for affordable meals. You have a choice of steamed rice, fried rice, or chow mein - or if you're on a low-carb or keto diet, you can ask for super greens. Panda Express does not use MSG in its dishes and even goes a step further to work with suppliers who do not use MSG either.

Surprisingly, it's not the orange chicken that stands out in Panda Express! It's actually a Japanese dish called chicken teriyaki, large pieces of chicken thighs served with a special sauce. The meat is moist and the chicken taste is noticeable because the chicken thighs don't drown in the teriyaki sauce - the latter is only poured into the chicken just before serving.

Another must-see is Beijing Beef, a delicious dish with sweet and sour flavors. The beef has a crispy texture without being dry and the onions are perfectly caramelized. Also get the Kung Pao Chicken, a slightly spicy dish with peanuts and still crispy vegetables.

The starters can be meals on their own if you order them in bulk. The chicken egg rolls are highly recommended.

More information about Panda Express can be found on the official website.

What does Assortment Maison cost?

Assortment maison - C12.00

How much does crevette caramel cost?

Caramel prawns - C23.10

How much does Chicken Caramel cost?

What does tofu aux légumes cost?

Tofu aux legumes - C16.50