How bad is a Squier Telecaster

Squier vs. Fender

I own a shiny black lacquered Squier “Hard Rock Café” Affinity Stratocaster, which I got about two years ago with the well-known original “Hard Rock” emblem and the advertising slogan “Love all, serve all” on the body for € 249 of a gigbag with Squier brand label imprinted directly on site in the Berlin Hard Rock Café Store.
To my great astonishment, my aforementioned Squier even has a Birdseye Maple Neck with a Skunk Stripe and a glued-on Rosewood fingerboard! I was really surprised that they used a bird's eye maple neck for my Squier at the factory! Sure, it might not sound any better, but this slightly satined Birdseye maple neck enhances the Strat immensely Imitation) was used, but real solid maple wood with "bird's eyes".

According to the labeling on the back of the headstock, it comes from Indonesia and it sounds really damn good with the thin 08 string set.
Bendings can be pulled buttery soft with it.

The three single coils are standard in this class, sound quite good, and the entire workmanship is flawless (apart from two tiny lacquer noses on the rounded body frames).

It's a really nice Squier, which I will keep anyway because of the limited edition with the distinctive Hard Rock Café advertising logo.
I suspect that those responsible from Hard Rock Café Management had a huge say in the nature / quality of this guitar production with the idea of ​​commissioning a Squier Stratocaster with the said logo of their cult company from Squier / made by Fender, which in the end also benefits the buyer.

With this in mind, my special thanks go to the Hard Rock Café Management, and also to Fender / Squier, who implemented this idea!

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