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Translation of "blow" in Turkish

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oral sec


"You want to join the Philharmonie blow?"
"Orkestrada üflemek mi istiyorsun? "
Maybe you can do better blow without a bit.
And I thought it would be nice to give him one blow.
Ayrıca onunla oral sec eğlenceli olur dedim.
This gentleman started hacking men for crack blow.
Beylerden biri eroin alabilmek için oral sec yapmaya başlamış.
The newspapers blow the case pretty much.
Evet, gazeteler de bu konunun üzerinde duruyor.
And don't go so far as to hit strangers for crack blow.
The blow Pure oxygen to keep you awake.
Seth, I want you one blow.
The Romans blow his legend to their advantage.
Romalılar bu efsaneyi kendileri için yarattılar.
I've read that white women are ten times more likely to have one blow than black.
Diyor ki, beyaz kadınlar, siyah kadınlara brat 10 kat daha çok sakso çekiyormuş.
Private Swofford here is the alarm for us blow.
He Swofford bize lime borusunu çalmak için burada.
I have to tribute over things for a while blow.
Bir süredir içimi sıkan şeyler var.
I will march him blow.
Apparently blow Jews once a year on one.
And there you will be nice to me blow.
You should at least try to give him one this time blow.
Bu sefer en azından ona orally yapmayı denemelisin.
But I can give you one blow.
Fakat sana çubukla bir şeyler yapabilirim.
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