Is Michael a fallen angel

Michael - standard bearer of God, archangel and patron of the Germans

Michael in tradition

The Michael Memorial Day is connected with proverbs: The gardeners used the motto: "A tree planted by Saint Michael, it grows from the hour" on command. A tree, planted on Candlemas [= February 2nd] only, see how you teach it to grow ". A weather rule reads: "It rains gently on Michel Day, followed by a mild winter". Michaeli's day has been a deadline, lottery and weather day for centuries; it was linked to taxes, work bans, harvest customs, changes of servants, fairs, youth parades, school leaving certificates. On Michael’s Eve, Michael’s fires were lit in the past. They were a sign that artificial light was used from that day on. The associated saying is: "Mariä Candlemas blows out the light, Saint Michael lights it up again".

The three Saturdays after Michaelmas were called "Golden Saturdays" in the old days. Its name is derived from the "golden masses" that have been celebrated on these Saturdays in honor of Mary since the 14th century as atonement for the past of the year. The services and days were called “golden” because of the excellent effect that was ascribed to them. According to a - but later - legend, Emperor Ferdinand III. (1636–1657) introduced the celebration.

A messenger of God or a kitsch product?

Messenger of God, protector of people - insurance advertising shamelessly uses the knowledge of angels: because the guardian angel supposedly does not always pay attention, insurance is safer. Hardly any hit leaves the angel - or in new German: the "angel" - as a cliché for the adored. In spite of everything: Behind the superficial exploitation of the angels, people seem to have faith in God's messengers and their guardian angels. Their experiences point to the real existence of angels. Even the red GDR tsars could not keep silent about the angels, who could only be described as “year-end dolls”, “winged year-end figures” or “year-end time winged figures”.

“Quis ut Deus?” - “Who is like God? The coat of arms of the Archangel Michael would have to be translated into "Is there actually an alternative to God?" And those who carefully consider this question must draw conclusions from their honest answer: If no one is like God, nothing stays the same.