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The ten worst relegated Bundesliga

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Status: 05/22/2021 | 5:23 pm

1 | 1010th place: Dynamo Dresden 1994/1995 (20 points / 33:68 goals): In 1995, grief and anger prevail in Dresden. After years of mismanagement, Dynamo does not receive a license for the coming season and cannot alleviate the suffering of the supporters on the lawn either.

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2 | 109th place: SC Paderborn 2019/2020 (20 points / 37:74 goals): Newcomer SC Paderborn starts the season as a blatant outsider. On the 5th matchday, the East Westphalia take over the Red Lantern and temporarily leave last place only after the 14th and 19th matchday. The elevator effect was planned, Padernborn will hold on to coach Steffen Baumgart for the entire season.

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3 | 108th place: VfB Leipzig 1993/1994 (20 points / 32:69 goals): The first German champion rose to the Bundesliga in 1993, completely surprising. There the club is only a point supplier. VfB only caused a stir once: During the winter break, star striker Darko Pancev comes from Inter Milan to Leipzig.

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4 | 107th place: 1. FC Nürnberg 1983/1984 (20 points / 38:85 goals): The "Club" is playing against relegation for the fourth year in a row and cannot avert disaster this season. Nürnberg "succeeds" in the feat of losing all 17 away games.

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5 | 106th place: 1. FC Nürnberg 2018/2019 (19 points / 26:68 goals) : The "Clubberern" managed three victories in this catastrophic season. Nevertheless, the relegation is only sealed on the penultimate matchday and the promoted must return to League 2 immediately.

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6 | 105th place: SC Freiburg 2004/2005 (18 points / 30:75 goals): Frustration is a constant companion of Freiburg coach Volker Finke in the 2004/2005 season. The sports club only leaves the field as a winner three times and is knocked off last.

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7 | 104th place: Hertha BSC 1990/1991 (17 points / 37:84 goals): Germany is growing together again and the largest club in Berlin is returning to the Bundesliga: Hertha BSC is hoping for a great future for the 1990/1991 season and is immediately relegated to the bottom of the league.

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8 | 103rd place: Schalke 04 2020/2021 (16 points / 25:86 goals): The "miners" experience a bitter crash in Corona times. Only three wins succeed in the relegation season.

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9 | 102nd place: Wuppertaler SV 1974/1975 (14 points / 32:86 goals): On the fifth matchday, WSV champions beat Bayern Munich 3-1. There is only one more victory to follow. 14 points are the second worst result in Bundesliga history.

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10 | 101st place: Tasmania Berlin 1965/1966 (10 points / 15: 108 goals): Tasmania is synonymous with failure. The Berlin club sets almost all negative records. Among other things, he remains 31 games in a row without a win, conceded the most goals and scored the fewest goals. Tasmania also holds the negative audience record: 827 against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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