How is yellow cheese made

How is white milk made into yellow cheese?

06.11.2014 | 15:18

Whether cheese is yellow depends on the cow's feed. If the cows ate mainly fresh grass, which contains a lot of the yellow natural pigment beta-carotene, this can also be found in the milk.

Fat and light reflection determine the color of cheese and milk. (c) LVBM, State Association of the Bavarian Dairy Industry
Butter and cheese made from spring and summer milk are therefore also more yellow than the same products made in late autumn and winter. Therefore, the milk should actually be yellow, but the milk is a special juice made from water, protein, lactose, minerals, vitamins and fat. The fat droplets enclose the beta-carotene so that it is not visible in the milk. The light reflection also makes the milk look white. In the course of the cheese and butter production, the fat is concentrated and beta-carotene is released, which gives the products their appetizing yellow color. The more grass the cows can eat, the higher the fat content of the cheese, the stronger the yellow tone. In addition, a longer ripening time leads to a stronger yellowish color for cheese.

Tip: Use the different colors of cream cheese, camembert, Edam cheese and mountain cheese for the design of cheese plates. The variety can be seen at first glance and the selection tempts you to try it. (lvbm)