How many upper eyelashes does a person have

8 amazing facts about eyelashes!

We paint them, we lengthen them artificially or we glue them on - yet we know relatively little about our eyelashes. Shouldn't be like that. Which is why we have collected eight absolutely amazing facts about the eye catchers.

They protect your eyes. Like our eyebrows, the eyelashes have a protective function. The hairs keep dirt, sweat, water or unwanted residues out of our eyes. It's just stupid that they themselves sometimes catch the eye and cause irritation. By the way: Always rub an eyelash inwards from the outer corner of the eye. In this way, the tear fluid can wash out the foreign body.

They fail daily. You lose up to five eyelashes every day. At three months, the growth cycle of an eyelash is much shorter than that of your scalp hair. One of the reasons why they don't get much longer naturally.

Eyelashes grow in three phases. First there is the anagen phase (active growth phase), the catagen phase (transition period) and the telogen phase (rest period). At some point, 90% of your eyelashes are in the active growth phase - and then grow about 0.16 millimeters per day.

There is a huge difference between the upper and lower lashes. The hair on the upper eyelid is much fuller and stronger than that on the lower lash line. The average woman has around 200-300 small hairs on the upper eyelid - at the bottom there are only around 100.

They vary in length. The middle eyelashes are generally 1.5 millimeters longer than the side ones.

The longest eyelash in the world ... ... was measured with a length of 2.75 centimeters! And believe it or not, the record holder is a man. By the way, the average eyelash length is around 10 millimeters.

Tiny mites live in the eyelashes. But before you cry out in disgust: You even need her. The so-called "Demodex" remove dirt and deposits, so they are practically the cleaning team for your eyelashes. Since a blocked eyelash can lead to painful follicles: Let's be grateful to the little bugs (even if we still find the thought disgusting ... ).

We have been styling our eyelashes since 4,000 BC. In ancient Egypt, tools were already developed with which the eyelashes were to be bent upwards. The first mascara - as we know it today - was developed by a cosmetics group Rimmel 1913 in France. Mascara only became really popular a little later. Since presented Maybelline for the first time a formula made from coal and petroleum jelly.