Is married to Cheryl Tweedy

Liam Payne "Cheryl is still the most important person in my life"

The ex “One Direction” star Liam Payne (26) did not always have it easy. For two years, he was in a relationship with the singer Cheryl Tweedy (36). With her he also has his now two-year-old son Bear. And that was exactly what confused him. Because becoming a father at the young age of 23 was anything but easy for Liam. As the singer relates in the upcoming documentary "Straight Talking", he was afraid that he would not be enough as a father. “Becoming a father at such a young age is such a difficult thing,” he says. He openly admits that his start as a dad was anything but good. Because he wanted to take care of both his son and his girlfriend Cheryl. But the fear of not being up to the task was simply too great.

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Cheryl means a lot to him

Despite the separation of the then new parents, no bad blood flows between the two. In the documentary, Liam has some very nice words about for his ex. “She is one of the most important, if not the most important, people in my life. I'm so glad I have someone who understands what I'm going through ”. Wow, Cheryl would love to hear words like that. With such a statement, one could hope for a love comeback for the two of them.

Does Liam's girlfriend like it?

Liam actually jokes a bit about that. We can only guess whether there was perhaps a little serious interest in it. The Texan model Maya Henry (19) will probably not like these statements - she is currently dating the singer. It remains to be seen whether Liam's statements lead to a relationship crisis.