Why is NIT Trichy so overrated

The ITM Power share did extremely well! The price of the British hydrogen company stood at around 2.46 euros at the end of October, the ITM Power share was able to reach a high of 4.54 at the start of the week! A really fantastic price increase! This movement was definitely fueled by the various positive developments also from other hydrogen companies. And the general euphoria caused by the election of Joe Biden as future US President! Of course, the company itself has given good “water level reports” in the past weeks and months! Last but not least, these reports promise further growth for the company!

Linde sells ITM Power shares!

The mood could now be depressed a little. Because as was announced at the end of last week: Linde has sold shares in ITM Power! The share of the industrial group has decreased from 20.17 percent to now 17.25 percent! Reasons for this step cannot be found in the news agencies or on the Linde website!

Fundamentally hopelessly overrated?

However, the Linde management could simply have cashed in! Because with a current market capitalization of around 1.9 billion euros with a double-digit million turnover and negative net income still in 2022, it seems that the realization that the ITM Power share is hopelessly overvalued? The price-earnings ratio (P / E) is currently still estimated to be minus 350 for 2022! The analysts then assume a profit for the first time in 2023 - the P / E would still be around 370 at the current price! The company is also rather a small company with less than 200 employees. Ultimately, it should take a while for ITM Power to grow into this rating. A lot of imagination and hope is priced in here!

Forget everything that has been there before!

This inconspicuous German share will only rise in the future ... so you should definitely not hesitate and invest immediately. Because this one company now has the key technology that the Internet of the future needs.

This company is behind it ...

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