What is your experience with online surveys?

Earning money with online surveys - pure myth or is there something to it?

The possibility of being a digital nomad online with the earn money for your own opinion being able to do so will certainly sound very attractive to most. Because how can you get hold of money more easily? Unfortunately, it is also true that with the large selection of surveys there are some that are less serious. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when making money with online surveys in order not to play into the hands of impostors.

What are online surveys and how do they work?

You have probably come into contact with surveys before. They are often in the empirical market and opinion research used to get an idea of ​​the response to a product or service. Such surveys are then worked out by media analysts and then presented to the company or institute. They can then use the results to decide whether the service or product needs to be changed so that consumers like it better.

So these companies are concerned with product development. Even if a new product is about to be presented but is not yet available on the market, companies have surveys drawn up based on the target group of the respective product. In this way, the reaction can be assessed and any blemishes can be repaired.

But also institutes and other companies that work in Social and educational research are active and need feedback from diverse demographic groups, have such surveys carried out. This can drive research and studies can be backed up with empirical facts.

Quite banal, but at least as widespread, are surveys on radio or television, in which passers-by are often asked their opinion on certain current topics. In the past, such surveys were completed in printed questionnaires. Nowadays, however, there is a wealth of online offers that promise to be able to make money with just a few clicks. However, such offers have to be dealt with in a differentiated manner. Not all online surveys that allegedly make money are serious.

In addition to the possibility surveys from the comfort of your own home to answer and earn money in the process, there is now even the option of filling out surveys from certain providers entirely on the smartphone. This makes you even more independent of time and place - for example, you can earn a few euros on your next train ride.

So, you get paid for online surveys often - but sometimes in bonuses instead of money. You have to decide for yourself whether it makes sense for you to answer a survey with a provider that is only paid out in bonuses. In and of itself, you have to register with a provider, provide some personal information and receive emails a few times a month informing you about new surveys. It is then up to your own assessment whether you actually want to take part in the survey. For example, if you feel the time expended too much or the remuneration does not meet your expectations, you can ignore the survey.

Most surveys will ask you for personal information at the beginning, such as age, gender, income or occupation. This information can be used to sort out the candidates who are not necessarily relevant to the survey. It can also happen that a few minutes are wasted because you are not paid for this qualifying round. Before accepting a survey, it makes sense to think a little whether your own situation fits the topic of the survey.

If you have qualified for the survey, you will receive as Compensation ideally a sum of moneythat you were given before the survey began. It is also possible that you will receive a reward or a certain number of points. You can redeem them as soon as you have scored a certain number of points. If the survey promises money, it is often transferred through PayPal.

What should be avoided immediately are providers who ask you for money when you register; Registration costs, for example. In such cases, it is actually always a question of dubious providers who just want to rip you off.

What experiences have others already had with online surveys? And did you really make any money doing it?

Most people will quickly notice that online surveys don't make a lot of money. What comes out of it is almost never enough and is not a realistic alternative to a full-time job. But if you just want to earn a little extra money, regular participation in online surveys can definitely help. If you have the goal with this kind of Work to achieve something financially, you have to register with as many providers and portals as possible.

The advantage of online surveys is of course the flexibility that is offered. You can really take part wherever you have access to the Internet. The work itself is quite simple and not particularly strenuous. Since most surveys only take about 10 minutes, it is not necessarily time-consuming. But you can certainly not waste your livelihood with it.

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